Posted On: 09/14/18 10:00 AM

PrepHoopsIllinois attended a training workout by Breakaway Basketball on Thursday night.  We came away extremely impressed with the skill development run by director Greg Ktistou and his staff.  Prospects from the classes of 2019-2022 went through crisp drill work focusing on shooting and ball handling.  That was followed by a spirited transition competitive drill where players worked on pushing and sharing the ball.

There were several small college coaches in the house and it is easy to see why with the talent in the building.  For future reference college coaches, Breakaway Basketball does workouts every week from 7-9 PM in Westmont, IL.

With that being said let’s dive into the prospects evaluations of 25+ players from the night!


Class of 2019

PG Josh Berry (Lyons)

Berry emerged during July and has continued to progression as a player.  What he brings to the table is a high IQ floor general that gets others involved with his passing and feel for the game.  Crisp distributor that seems to consistently make the right play.  Clean looking mid-range pull up shot and makes threes off the catch at a nice clip.


SG Ocean Johnson (Leyden)

Johnson is a super athletic two way guard that can really go!  This kid emerged late in the summer and has a chance to be a big time player as a senior.  What stood out to us in this workout setting was his defense cutting passing lanes and blocking perimeter jumpers.  His athleticism shines in transition and can hit an occasional pull up.


C Noah May (Downers Grove North)

May is a projectable 6’8” center that is intriguing with his really long arms and ability to get up and down the floor.  Mobile post that is capable of stretching the floor on occasion.  Solid rebounder and has timing blocking shots.


SF Latik Murphy (Morton)

Murphy was one of the higher ceiling prospects in the gym.  The 6’5” Morton wing is coming off a strong summer and made noise last weekend in fall league against high caliber competition.  He is a crisp ball handler and plus athlete.  Potential to be an excellent scorer at the D2 level.  Jumper was a bit streaky, but he shoots a good ball and it goes in more than it doesn’t.


PF Caden Phillips (Glenbard West)

Phillips is a prospect that we saw go for 20 rebounds last year in a game and even in this setting he brought his junk yard dog mentality to the table.  The 6’6” big man gets on the offensive glass for put backs at a nice clip.  Efficient finishing around the hoop.  In the drill work showed better handles and shooting touch that we anticipated.


PG Zach Vaia (Riverside Brookfield)

Vaia is a confident lead guard that knows how to run the team.  He gets elevation on his jump shot as he loves pulling up or spotting up for clean looks.  Drive and kick potential and makes solid decisions with the ball.


PF Andrew Veon (Riverside Brookfield)

Veon is intriguing as a combo forward at the small college level at 6’6”.  Bounce off the floor.  Gets on the glass for put backs and runs the floor hard.  Hit a one dribble pull ups.



Class of 2020

SF Will Wolfe (Aurora Christian)

Wolfe plays his travel team ball with the Illinois Wolves, but in this training session he was possibly the most impressive player in the gym.  The top 20 2020 prospect is a big time perimeter shooter!  Elevation off the floor on his shot from both mid-range and three.  Excellent as a stop and pop shooter.  Was the most lethal shooter in the gym.  Also showed a nice passing feel and is a quality athlete.


PG Nate Shockey (York)

Shockey led his Breakaway team to a massive win in July against D1 Minnesota and you can see why with his shooting!  This kid is one of the premier shooters across the state in his class connecting from mid-range and three with ease.


F Colin O’Rourke (Plainfield North)

O’Rourke was a standout all spring and summer.  The 6’8” combo forward looks to have put on some more strength in his upper body over the last two months along with growing a little.  Handles it so well for his size being able to take the ball off the defensive glass and go the other way.  Soft touch around the hoop.  Where he makes his money is in the mid-range with his pull up game.


C Connor McCance (Oswego)

McCance is a big man with potential at 6’8”.  We liked what he brought to the table during July for Breakaway and at this fall workout he continued that development.  His jumper from mid-range has gotten much better mechanically and he saw that translate into more makes.  Like his size and strength.  Rebounds well in traffic.  Physical player down low with a soft touch.


PF Mac Quast (Hinsdale Central)

Quast is a nice compliment to McCance.  This Hinsdale Central big man stands at 6’5” with a high motor and good footwork around the hoop.  Couple quick moves with sound fundamentals.


SF Kyle Lillwitz (Lemont)

Lillwitz was a player that we came away impressed with!  He is a 6’5” wing from Lemont that plays with a lot of grit.  Liked how he slashed and drove to the hoop for scores.  Crafty wing that can also stretch the floor some with his perimeter shooting.


SF Jason Bergstrom (Niles Notre Dame)

Bergstrom jumped on our radar in July and this jumbo small forward continues to impress.  Like his size for position along with his shooting.  Plus shooter off the catch from three and handles the ball for his size.  Underrated prospect!



Class of 2021

F Kevin Bozeman (Downers Grove North)

Despite not starting for Breakaway 15U during July we believe that Bozeman was the best prospect on that team.  It showed through again when we watched him workout.  So projectable at 6’5” with long arms.  Definitely could see him growing several more inches.  Frame to add strength as well.  He handles the ball well for his size and runs the floor so fluidly being the first one down the court consistently.  Feathery touch as a shooter.  In the game portion he struggled a bit finishing around the hoop.  Like his potential a lot!


PG Corey Crowder (Glenbard South)

Crowder is a high IQ point guard with a feel for the game.  Crisp passer that makes quality decisions with the rock.  Capable shooter that at times puts a bit too much arc on his shot.  Shifty ball handler that can get in the lane for a score on occasion.


SG Connor Davis (Neuqua Valley)

Davis has size for position at 6’4” along with a lethal jump shot!  The Neuqua Valley junior can really shoot it from mid-range with a clean looking shot that can stretch out to three.  Crafty ball handler being able to drive at times with nifty finishes at the cup.  Quality passer as well.  Skilled wing with all-around skill set.


SF Johnny Digenan (St. Ignatius)

Digenan opened eyes in July with his perimeter shooting.  He has an akward looking shot as he leans back, but it seems to go in at a solid rate.  Came away impressed with how he scored on drives here.  Slashed being able to finish with both hands.  Once he adds some strength he could be a very nice player for St. Ignatius.


PG Jeffery Grace (York)

Grace is a point guard with strength at 6’1”.  This guard handles it well keeping it low to the ground.  Like his competitiveness and leadership from the lead guard spot.  Powerful driver that scores well in the paint, but can also connect on a spot up shot.  Tenacious on ball defender.


PF Jack Mielke (Downers Grove North)

Mielke was one of the first players in the gym and you can tell this kid just loves the game.  At 6’5” he is a combo forward with a thick body.  He can shoot the ball pretty well from the perimeter.  Vocal leader.  Rebounds in traffic and scored efficiently in the paint.


F Oscar Antanaitis (Hinsdale Central)

This was definitely a new name to add to our radar.  The 6’6” combo forward is a long and lanky kid that displayed good mobility.  He has a solid skill set at his size being able to pass and finish in the paint.  Defensive potential.  Needs to add strength.


PG Nate Demos (Downers Grove North)

Demos is a 5’10” point guard that can shoot it a little from the left handed side.  Smaller point guard that projects as small college player.


SG Quinn Cain (Hinsdale Central)

Cain is a thin and rangy two guard at 6’0” that opened our eyes with the way he shot the basketball from the perimeter.  A bit of a low release point on his shot, but man can hit shots for days!



Class of 2022

PG Brennan White (Lyons)

This was our first look at all of these 2022 prospects.  White actually played up against the older players and more than held his own.  The Lyons 6’0” point guard was lights out shooting the ball in both the drills and competitive portions of the night.  Came away impressed with his poise at a young age.

SG John Paul Hanley (Riverside Brookfield)

This 6’2” wing is a plus plus shooter that consistently nailed shots all over the floor.  Was money from both mid-range and three.


SG Ben Vander Wal (Timothy Christian)

Vander Wal has broad shoulders and a projectable body.  The 6’2” guard plays with confidence and that showed through in his perimeter shooting knocking down shots all over the floor.  Elite shooter that also has a high basketball IQ.


SF Nate Waterman (Downers Grove South)

Waterman is intriguing at 6’4” with the projectability to grow significantly more.  Thin and long wing.  Solid shooter with size.  Can also post up in the high/low game.