Posted On: 09/13/18 3:28 PM

Prep Hoops 250 was a success as it brought out some of the best players from each class throughout the state to join forces and compete in front of college coaches. There were a few of the top players in the state that showed out and while it’s typically all about guards who affect the game in many ways, let’s show some love to the big men that got it done in various ways.

Graham Ike – Overland

Graham was one of the biggest players at the expos and he was physically imposing each and every game out. He turned his size and strength into a real asset but he has one of the softest touches of big man in the state. He is showing improvement in his mobility and quickness and with that comes plenty of easy baskets. He has great hand-eye coordination as he locates the ball handles it and is able to finish at the rim. He also is one of the best back to the basket offensive players the state has to offer. The most consistent improvement that I have seen in his game is his ability to force the mismatch via a solid pick and roll, demand the ball and finish it over smaller defenders. He will be asked to do a ton this year and is showing the willingness to get better.

Ethan Henderson – Monarch

Ethan has a very high ceiling with great footwork. He also has a high motor and runs the floor well. He catches passes no matter the angle and has a back to the basket game that he’s improving on. He looks to be a hard worker and he changes many shots on the defensive end of the floor. He puts his body on the defender and fights for extra possessions. He is aggressive on the offensive end and patrols the paint on defense and all of this was on display. Ethan has time to become a more solid post player and has the intangibles to get better already. He’s a hard worker which will make it difficult to keep him off the floor.

Kwaheem Brown – Lincoln

Kwaheem isn’t necessarily only a big man but he was however one of the bigger guys at the expo. He was a dominant force on Sunday and was up for any challenge that came his way. He is a confident player that is relentless on the offensive end and rebounds well. He excelled in one-on-one situations and showed his toughness as he went to the lane for easy dunks and finishes time after time. He showed that he has been working on improving his offensive game and his best asset is his finishing ability. He scored, often and even displayed that he can open up the defense with shots on the perimeter. He isn’t a knockdown shooter but has good mechanics and fluidity and at least shows he’s capable but when he is attacking is when he is at his best. He showed elite athleticism jumping over other defenders and plays above the rim. Great showing from him.

Trevor Baskin – Pomona

Loved all of the things that I saw from Trevor as he was one of the surprise standouts on the day. He has great mechanics and shows that he can do a ton with the ball in his hands. He is one of the pass first big men tht shows a high IQ as he understands where his guys will be and sets them up. He rebounds well and is disciplined as he boxes out and uses his body to keep out more athletic players. He scored in flurries and was always making a play. He is a good passer and also showcased he can play defense as he had to defend guards and showed good footwork.  He has plenty of potential to continue to harness but when he reaches that full potential he will be one of the state’s biggest standouts as he will continue to grow and use all of his talents he has mixed in with that length. He is definitely on my radar now after a great showing.  

Chandler Williams – DSISD

Chandler is a player that hopped on the radar early as he is a player that moves really well and fills lanes correctly. He is also a player that is always moving and trying to make plays. He gets on the glass and gives his all. He goes up quickly after securing rebounds with good timing and scores easy baskets. He isn’t a traditional back to the basket big man but he does however have a few go to moves that he feels comfortable with. On the defensive end he is a player that takes chances and tries his best to defend at the rim. He alters shots and is one of the big men with footwork to stay in front of smaller defenders, but also strong enough to go inside and bang with bigger guys. He is a player that I’ll be watching closely to see if he progresses specifically on the offensive side of the ball.