Backcourt Veterans: South Florida

High School

Posted On: 09/21/18 1:06 PM

Anthony Pellerano, Doral

The 6-foot-4 guard is the type of competitor capable of leaving his fingerprints over every statistical category. While he’s got smooth outside shot and can get into the driving lanes and score, Pellerano has improved drastically as a defensive stalwart. He’s able to apply confrontational on-ball defense and also clamp down on bigger forwards down low. He’s got the workmanlike style to his game, which makes him a reliable piece on the glass. He employs a physical approach and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his body and lay out to take a hard charge.

After averaging 10 PPG last season, the Class of 2019 role player should produce early and often for a new look team. The transfer should provide an instant and sustainable impact and savor the jack of all trades mindset, scoring the ball at all three levels and rebounding and also outletting the ball on the running game.

Jalen Jones, Keys Gate

The 5-foot-10 point guard is a cerebral, drive-first threat who loves to get into the lane and finish with either hand. He’s able to read defenses and adjust his shot accordingly, developing a nifty floater and high arching tear dropper. The heady scorer has a sturdy cross over dribble and has become more reliant on his first step. Defensively, he’s able to ball hawk and really disrupt passes. Jones has increased his bounce and explosiveness this past season, registering a 36-inch vertical. He’s ramped up with his weight room work, as he’s now squatting 310 pounds.

After averaging 15 points and eight assists to pace Keys Gate, the Class of 2019 Jones enters his final season as the focal point and the chief facilitator.

If he can incorporate a pull-up game or pop out and hit the mid range jumper more often, he’s likely to emerge ingto one of the area’s most perilous scorers. He’s become extremely adept at penetrating and kicking, drawing in defenders and then whizzing it to one of the bigs floating freely along the baseline.

Jackson Swihart, Hunter Environmental

The 5-foot-11 combination guard is quick, shifty, and a heady decision maker with the ball. He doesn’t force anything and really knows when to put his stamp on the game. While he’s become more effective as a shooter who can score it off the dribble and create his own shot via the pull-up and stepback, Swihart has become a pesky defender who can handle the task of locking up on the opposing team’s primary scorer.

The Class of 2019 guard is a competitive, high-octane guard who plays bigger than he is. He’s got no trepidation in propelling his way to the rack and finishing through contact. He’s got the chance to be a real difference maker as a seasoned senior, who brings toughness and the wealth of experience.

Jordan Hamburger, SLAM Academy

In pioneering the perimeter game, Hamburger has the type of lights out shooting capable of breaking open games and triggering wild runs. He’s got a knack for scoring in bunches and is a momentum shooter. If he bags consecutive 3-pointers, there’s no question he’s firing up a third straight shot. This type of mentality has enabled him to be a consistent threat for SLAM, which will feature him and give him a tremendous green light during spurts of the game.

The built 5-foot-9 off guard has been able to shed the label of “shooter” with his defensive play and ability to carve his way into the rim.

David Perez, University School

The 6-foot, Class of 2020 prospect has a real wow factor in how well he carves routes to the rim. He plays with grittiness and a motor, staving off defenders on his way to the rim. He’s got sneaky explosiveness and a defensive tenacity that will offer immediate contributions at U-School, which must fill the gap left by Drue Drinnon (now at New Mexico).

Perez is shifty and knows how to score the ball and manufacture points. The transfer offers some burst to him, an aspect that makes him a real chore to stay in front of. He’s opened up a pull-up game, but the outside shot is still a work in progress. He knows how to control the court and locate cutters and shooters in their spots effectively.

Brandon Spaulding, Norland

The Class of 2019 combination guard is a heady playmaker who can score the ball at an efficient clip. He’s shown a killer instinct in his spurt-ability, as he’s scored the ball at will in several promising performances. He’s got a shiftiness and a tightened handle. Creating space for himself and attacking the gaps offensively, Spaulding is a deliberate guard who knows how to call his own number during critical sequences.

As a battle-tested senior, he’s got the opportunity to seize the leadership reins. Both Spaulding’s shot and shot speed have improved as he’s grown in importance and maturity. Part of his evolution has entailed knowing he’s got to be aggressive to score the ball and initiate. He’s understood how to lead with scoring weight on his shoulders and really perform as a polished, proven piece with big game experience.

Hanley Poy, Mater Lakes Academy

The 6-foot-3 Class of 2019 prospect is often forced to play bigger than he is. He’s got the look of a guard, though his manpower and presence on the offensive glass typically has him pegged as a small forward. Poy is a reliable and stabilizing force for Mater Lakes, with his rebounding presence and knack for double doubles.

He may not get the most touches or surface as an offensive threat with this particular lineup, though he scores on hustle points and is strategic in getting loose for shots around the rim and short-range jumpers. He showed promise this summer, as he led the team in double doubles.