Posted On: 09/25/18 2:55 PM

2021 SF Jonathan Kuminga- (Lincoln Prep)- A top 5 national prospect who will be in discussion for the #1 spot in 2021 over the next 3 years, Kuminga was head and shoulders above the rest in attendance. He did not take it easy either, imposing his will and overpowering opponents throughout the day. He has a rare combination of size, skill, and effortless athleticism as a true wing at 6’8”. Kuminga’s big frame allows him to finish with ease when he doesn’t have a clear lane to dunk, and he also showed a respectable outside shot. Having all of these tools at his size and age make him extremely difficult to stop and make it clear as to why he projects so highly in the future.


2020 W Toneari Lane (Shiloh)– You could tell early in his first game that Lane thought he was one of the top guys in camp, and his play confirmed that. Having made himself known to be a hard-working, physical forward, Lane did that but also showed some progression in other areas. He is becoming much more confident in his outside shot and looks more fluid handling the ball. As usual, Lane overwhelmed other campers with his strength and explosiveness, and never seemed to get tired. Going up against Lane and Kendall Lewis this winter will be a scary sight.


2019 PG Kamar Robertson (Cambridge)– Robertson made a point on Saturday that he deserves to regain some of the attention he was getting during the winter of his junior year. His scoring ability is apparent, but Robertson really looked to get others involved at camp, impressing with his distribution and vocal leadership. Robertson played with lots of energy that got his team going early in camp and sustained it throughout the day. He is strong, athletic, skilled, and has a competitive edge to him that you love to see. After already winning Region POY last year, Robertson has mentioned even higher goals for this upcoming season.


2019 W Kendall Lewis (Shiloh)- Although he did not get tons of recognition this summer, Lewis is one of the top available wings in the state. He made major contributions in all of his games at camp, playing with a high motor on both ends of the floor. Lewis showed lots of different parts to his game, playing inside, handling the ball in transition, and stepping out for jumpers. He made it clear that he was his team’s best player and the rest of his squad followed after his example. The active and versatile game that Lewis brings will make him a quality late-pickup.


2019 PG Brandon Barron (Alpharetta)- A region foe of Robertson’s, Barron had a very good day at camp as well. One of the most electric players in attendance, Barron was a show in the open court the entire day. Just when you thought he was only going to attack the basket, he would stop on a dime and drain in a deep pull-up 3. Barron comes with a killer mentality and wants you to know that he’s going to attack and produce all game long. He has a perfect situation at Alpharetta this year where everything will go through him and he looks well-suited to handle such a role. Coaches should start looking past his size.