Posted On: 09/30/18 10:59 PM

A Scout’s Take: Pangos All-West F/S Camp (Best scoring point guards)

WESTMINSTER, Ca.—Dinos Trigonis’ Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp is the ultimate stop on the Fall recruiting trail. The camp tour will also make stops in Texas, Illinois, and New Jersey. It’s a great way to get a glance of the future of high school basketball and the West Coast did not disappoint—as there were a plethora of point guard types that stole the show.

Richard Issacs Jr. (Coronado/NV)

2022, PG, 6-foot-1, 160 pounds

Isaacs was one of the best point guards in camp.

Joel’s Take: Ideal size, blazing speed, and a killer instinct describes Isaacs Jr. He is a smooth jump shooter with range out to 22-feet. He can snag rebounds, blitz up the court, and either stop on a dime and nail the pull-up or hand out a nifty assist. He can run pick and roll and his handle is crafty. He plays a bit too fast at times, but overall he is the best point guard that I’ve seen in the West for his class.      

Frankie Collins (Clark/NV)

2021, CG, 6-foot-1, 170 pounds

Joel’s Take: This blue-collar is neither a 1 or a 2, he is just a “guard.” He has the strength and bounce to rebound and finish in the paint. He plays with a hot motor at both ends and impacts the game with his knack for being around the ball. The consistency of his jump shot will be the key to how high he gets recruited. 

Tsalta “TJ” Wainwright (Santa Monica)

2021, CG, 6-foot, 155 pounds

Joel’s Take: This Nick Van Exel play-a-like is the ultimate gun slinger. Wainwright is a left-handed scorer who has deep range on his jump shot, tremendous speed, and can finish in a variety of ways at the rim. Shot selection and making his teammates better are the next stages in his development. 

KJ Simpson (Chaminade)

2021, CG, 6-foot-2, 165 pounds

Joel’s Take: Simpson—one of the most explosive players in camp—had a epic finish over Mater Dei standout Wilhelm Breidenbach. Simpson affects the game with his explosiveness at both ends of the floor. He has excellent instincts as a defender where he got numerous steals with his active hands and getting into the passing lanes. He is equally adept as a scorer or faciltator and is overall one of the better guards in his class in So-Cal. 

Devin Askew (Mater Dei)

2021, CG, 6-foot-4, 185 pounds

Askew is a lethal scorer with great strength.

Joel’s Take: Askew is a combination guard with great size, strength, and skill. He can knock in shots from all over the court has a ton of moxie. He has the strength to carry defenders on his hip, deliver the appropriate pass, and the skill to finish plays in the paint. Going forward, improving his lateral quickness, will be key to improve his perimeter defense. Secondly, he is potent attacking right, but his left hand will have to improve. 

Isaac Peralta (Mater Dei)

2022, CG, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds

Joel’s Take: Peralta is part of a talented freshman class at Mater Dei. The skilled combo-guard can score at all three levels, attacks well off the dribble, and is a solid playmaker. He advances the ball well in transition, but going forward he needs to work on his speed and quickness. 

Dylan Andrews (Windward)

2022, CG, 6-foot-1, 155 pounds

Joel’s Take: This Compton Magic product will make a definite impact at the varsity level. The athletic slasher is tough to deal with in the open court due to his ability to manuever to the rim through traffic and explosiveness. He can knock in the 3-point shot and he gets good lift on his shot. Developing in the area of setting up his teammates more often will help elevate his game.