Posted On: 09/10/18 9:58 PM

The class of 2023 features a lot of good talent across the board. Some players from this class have even played 15 and under over the summer showcasing their ability to play at a high level at a early age. As the school year moves on, some players will grow and get stronger before they head into high school which makes it difficult to know how good these players really will be once they get older. However, there are a few players that have a basketball IQ and are also very skilled for their age. Fundamentals and understanding how to play the game translates at any level and these players may have the tools to be good players in the future. Here are a few under the radar 8th graders to keep an eye on. 

Evin Goodwin – 5’10’ Guard 

Goodwin was a heavier player during his younger years but he has grew and lost a lot of weight this past year. He has a great feel for the game and has a good mid-range game which is hard to find in middle school players.

TJ Foster – 5’8′ Guard 

Foster attacks the basket really well and has a solid motor. He has potential to be a good shooter over time as he looks to find consistency with his jump-shot. 

Amrit Sandhu – 5’7′ Guard

High basketball IQ and shoots the ball really well from the outside. Sandhu has mentioned that he is suffering through growing pains which could be a good thing because he could stretch out a few more inches. Once he improves his foot speed he will become a nice prospect in the future. 

John Quilon – 5’9′ Guard

John is a two sport athlete with a good motor and plays hard on both ends. He could be one of the best defenders in the area because of how much effort he puts into the defensive end of the floor.