Posted On: 09/18/18 1:07 PM

Some young standout players from week 2 of William Jessup’s Fall League

Cameron Niles 202 Del Campo– Remember the name Cameron Niles because he’s a bad man. Being very lanky and about 6’4 he has a tremendous burst of energy surveying the floor then slipping in for a quick lay up. He gets straight to business and does not take his foot off the pedal till the last buzzer goes off. With a great arsenal of mid range shots and floaters and pull-ups Cameron shows his whole package in the game leaving nothing out. With a very good feel for a young guard he seems to show that he realized early that playing harder than everyone else will work out better for him. His motor is something that is attached to his game because everything he does is high energy. With very good jumping ability he pulls rebounds out the air like its money falling from the sky. I loved watching this young guard get active in the open court excited to see his journey unfolds.


Eric Ontiveros 2021 Pitman -Eric is a very very very fast driver who is also a smart driver that does not go to far to where he gets in trouble. The most powerful thing about his game is he is a great set foot shooter. Hitting about 6 three’s in the second half of his game he could be on the move and still knock the shot down. One of the best shooters on the day.


Josiah Frank 2021 Pitman-A very young PG, Josiah plays at his own pace and does not allow the more experienced varsity players spend him out. IN the game to only run offense he competes on defense but still adds on the small states with a deflection here and there and a quick layup or two. Josiah’s pace and control will take his game far.