2020’s Top Performers of William Jessup’s Fall League Week 2

High School
Northern California

Posted On: 09/18/18 12:38 PM

Here are some promising Juniors from William Jessup’s Fall League. These Juniors are looking to take their game to the next step.

Dylan Anderson 2020 Pitman High School– Dylan has a great focus to keep moving without the ball down to an art, just like Rip Hamilton. When off ball Dylan sets up himself by changing speeds when he cuts. Flashing hard to the ball, he gets many easy layups. When going to the cup, he uses his very stocky frame and deceptive strength to bully his way to free layups because defenders are just bouncing off of him. With a great body and a good cuter he often finds a way to make  great passes to teammates whos defenders have helped down on his drive. With no thoughts of shooting unless open Dylan is a glue guy that every team needs.


Jacoub Kuharski 2020 Pitman– The first thing I thought of when I saw Jacoub was that he has a very smooth stroke from 17 feet and in. He has a great body for a stretch 4 man. With great rebounding ability and a smooth stroke Jacoub has the ability to push down the court and stride stop and get a quick shot off. Also when in the post he goes to work fast and simple keeping his game more solid then flashy, he gives a quick bump to his defender to score an easy hook shot. A player who will give you a quiet 15 and 10 without overdoing it. A college coaches dream 4 man.


Kellan Barney 2020 El Dorado Hills-Standing at about 6’4 Kellan was the best junior the whole day. With a phenomenal feel for the game Kellan used about 4 different euro steps to slide by defenders and score. Because of his size he got in the post and went to work, using a great fade away regularly and jump stopping in the middle of the paint for easy buckets. He also showed the ability to handle the ball and use a quick 2-3 dribble combo to get by defenders and put himself in a great position to score. He runs well off screens straight into shots that he can knock down inside the 3 and way beyond the arc. He also was a good passer when he wasn’t looking to score. Scored about 25 point in the second half of the game I watched with 10 points at the free throw line.


Nathan Hill 2020 El Dorado Hills– With a very lanky and wiry frame Nathan Hill is nothing less than a competitor. Standing at about 6’5 he runs like a deer up the court scoring off a quick pass to a layup to grabbing a defensive rebound. One thing you can’t teach is the will to compete and Nathan has it. Grabbing about 6 rebounds in both halves of his game he showed a ball hawk ability to find a way to be open when running down the middle of the floor . He cleans up his teammates misses with easy tip ins and easy layups. Being a little raw Nathan does not have many post moves but he does not need them because he cleans up the boards like no other. Excited to see him blossom into a good wing.