Posted On: 09/13/18 3:00 PM

What wing prospects are the on the board that fly under the radar?  Here are a group of sleeper wings in the 2020 class!


Connor Kochera (St. Viator)

Kochera is a versatile wing from St. Viator that should see his profile rise this season on one of the top teams in the area.  Impressed most what he does on the defensive end of the floor.  Can switch and guard multiple positions.  Sound shooter and can put it on the deck a little.  Rebounded well for Fundamental U.


Johnny Close (Rockford Boylan)

Close is a 6’2” wing from Rockford Boylan that can flat out shoot the rock!  Close is lights out shooting from deep drilling an array of threes off the catch in almost every game we saw him in the spring for Young & Reckless.  When his feet are set it is straight money!  He has a picture perfect release with elevation off the floor.  Mixes in some transition finishes and a straight line drive on occasion.  His passing and defense also showed growth.


Jimarius Sneed (Crane)

Sneed is a player that we were impressed with playing for Team Rose.  He is a rangy small forward with quick twitched athleticism.  Explosive second jumper that can score on slashes and in transition.  Defensively he has the tools.  The jump shot could be more of a threat. 


Carson Parker (Nashville)

Parker is a 6’5” two guard can flat out shoot the basketball!  He has a smooth release and deep range on his jumper.  Made triples at a high rate throughout the spring and summer with the Illinois Bears.  Solid athlete with some length.  Has a knack for scoring the basketball. 


Amir Spann (Mt. Vernon)

Spann is a 6’2” shooting guard that has great strength in his upper body.  Big time athlete at the two guard spot that uses his combination of athleticism and strength to get his points.  Spann is best attacking the hoop whether it is off the bounce or in transition.  He gets to the rim where he has the strength to finish above the rim and through defenders.  Rebounds well for a guard on both ends.  The next step in his game will be to get a more consistent jump shot and be a better free throw shooter.


Paul Zilinskas (Richards)

Zilinskas stands at 6’4” with a nice combination of skill and athleticism.  Handles it well in the open floor putting combination moves together.  Has the ability to create his own shot.  Also effective as a spot up shooter.  Really like how he passes it from the wing.  Tough on ball defender that moves well laterally.


Dan Florey (St. Ignatius)

The skilled guard can shoot the ball from the perimeter.  That is what he is best at currently.  Also his passing was impressive during the spring.  Still needs to work on lateral quickness defensively and overall athleticism.


Tagen Pearson (Nazareth)

Pearson is a prospect that jumped on our radar with his play early in the high school season with Nazareth back in December.  He didn’t play much on the travel team circuit so it was good to see his progress in July at Spartz Basketball Invite Day.  Seems to have added strength since we last saw him.   The rising junior was very active getting on the glass for put backs with his quickness from his guard spot.  Also has a clean looking shot.


Micah Schnyders (Chicago Christian)

The Chicago Christian 6’1” 2020 shooting guard lit it up from beyond the three point line during the spring.  His go to is letting it fly off the catch.  He spots up and is ready to shoot.  A bit of a long release.  He has a nice shot fake and that he can drive his defender when they close too hard on him. 


DeAndre Hagan (Brother Rice)

Hagan is athletic and strong enough to be a factor on the boards getting second chance points.  Finishes through contact well on drives.  He has improved his perimeter shot some which was shown in July with Chicago Lockdown.


Simon Wilson (Mt. Vernon)

Wilson is a player that flies a bit under the radar, but he has size for position and is a dead eye shooter.  Did just that in July for Ramey-Jets United.  Quick release and consistent mechanics.  Next step in his development is to round out his overall game.


Drew Wollenschlager (Normal West)

Wollenschlager is a well-built wing that has a lot of toughness and grit to his game.  Solid catch and shoot threat and also got some second chance points using his toughness inside on the glass.


Daulton Burnger (Belleville Althoff)

The Belleville Althoff wing uses his length and activity level to get in passing lanes and create turnovers on the defensive end which he turns into points on the other end.  He has some sneaky athleticism and can finish with both hands at the rack.


Kayman Hopkins (Fremd)

There was quite a bit of interest from college coaches in this intriguing upside forward.  Bouncy forward at 6’4” that hails from Fremd.  He is a quick twitched athlete that has big time bounce!  Shot blocking presence and plays above the rim catching oops.