Posted On: 09/15/18 10:25 AM

The 2019 Palmetto State has a talented group of players this coming season. Here we take a look at some players Under the Radar from the Upstate. 


Khalil Stringer

Khalil Stringer – Broome HS (Spartanburg) 

Stringer 5’11 really likes the ball in his hands whenever on the floor. Stringer averaged 17.7 ppg this past season for the Centurions. Stringer can score the ball in a variety of ways on the floor. Stringer is a very crisp passer. Stringer played with a local Grassroots team in the South Carolina Heat. 


Brandon Fortenberry-Smith –  Chapman HS (Inman)  (pictured on front) 

Fortenberry-Smith 5’11 point guard can really get the ball to the basket. Fortenberry-Smith plays with a great energy and competitive edge. Fortenberry-Smith is not afraid to sacrifice his body and take a charge when needed. Fortenberry-Smith can really get the ball into the gaps and has the ability to switch gears. Chapman HS has traditionally been a football powerhouse the past 5 years. 


Colin Burns – St Joe’s Catholic HS (Greenville) 

Burns is a versatile player for the Knights. Burns 6’4 is a great on the ball defender and usually draws the assignment of guarding the opponents best player. Burns plays several sports at the school and really excels in the classroom according to Knights Head Coach Paul Assinesi 


Leon Goldsborough

Leon Goldsborough – Chester HS 

Goldsborough is a thick framed post player for the Cyclones. Goldsborough 6’3 is a undersized post with great hands. Goldsborough is very nimble on the hardwood and shows to have good footwork. 


Nick Paul

Nick Paul – Newberry HS 

Paul 6’6 has a blue-collar attitude for the Bulldogs. Paul is very efficient around the basket and seems to be a consistent double-double every night out on the floor. Paul won’t overwhelm you with athleticism but really does play both ends of the floor hard.