Posted On: 09/6/18 10:30 AM

In recent memory, White Station has been one of the high schools in the state of Tennessee to compete for a district title.

In the past, the Spartans have found themselves competing for a state title. So in head coach Jesus Patino’s eyes, the goals for this upcoming season should remain the same like they were in the past. White Station hasn’t been state champs since 2009 and is hoping this season’s roster can, somehow, lure the Spartans back to dominance.

But this could be one of Patino’s most challenging teams to coach because of the lack of experience on the roster. His best player, as of now, is senior shooting guard Brandon Brown, who’s the most experienced player on the roster. His second best player, well the guy with a lot of potential, is sophomore forward Willie Foreman III.

Brown, who’s 6-foot-5, had a team-high 111 points in the Jerry Peters Memphis Summer Classic back in June. He also had 47 rebounds and dished out seven assists. Brown connected on 24 of 29 shots from the free throw line and knocked down four 3s.

Over the summer, Foreman has improved on both ends of the court. He has become a reliable player on the glass and isn’t afraid to attack the basket. In the Jerry Peters Memphis Summer Classic, Foreman finished with 47 points, 28 rebounds, and 10 assists. The 6-4, 175-pound forward needs to improve on his outside shooting, free throw shooting, and ball handling.

“The main thing is to make him go the right way and to develop him. He has a long way to go,” Patino said. “He has all of the intangibles to be great. He plays hard; he practices hard. He has a great desire to compete.”

Patino will start two sophomores this upcoming season in Foreman and Davon Barnes. Barnes, 6-3, 175, showed promise in the tournament at MUS by scoring 47 points, pulling down 28 rebounds, and dishing out five assists. He made 5 of 8 shots from the charity stripe and connected on a team-high six 3-pointers.

Brown will need the services of Foreman, Barnes, and senior guard Tyric Arnett, 6-1, 175, to keep White Station competitive throughout the season.

“These guys will have to be consistent every night for us to have the success we’re looking for,” Patino said.

This is the first time the Spartans, under Patino, have lacked size in the post. In the past, White Station, at least, had one post player. The Spartans’ starting five will consist of guards.

“It’s quite of a challenge but, at the same time, it’s fun for me,” Patino said. “You have to get creative; you have to play to your strengths and try to minimize your weaknesses, which is mainly going to be when you play the elite teams that have size and they’re well coached.

“We’re going to have to come up with an idea defensively on how we’re going to guard that, and how we’re going to do things against those type of teams.”