Posted On: 09/7/18 8:00 AM

Khalid Whitaker is a 5’10 PG from Flowing Wells High School. He is one of the best pure scorer in the Class of 2020. Whitaker even made my list of the Top 5 Players to Watch in the 2018-2019 Season (Class of 2020).

1. How do you think your summer went basketball wise?

I think summer basketball was a really good chance for me to really improve my game and be able to see what I need to work on most and then be able to come back the next weekend and try and use my new changes in the game.

2. You attended some college camps, how did those go?

The college camps I went to were super important for me because I was able to see what the coaches were looking for in players and I was able to see where I could improve in those categories.

3. Where are you in your recruiting process?

So far some school have showed interest and me and are looking to in the future possibly offer me.

4. What is your basketball goal?

My ultimate basketball dream is to have a specific part of my game change the way basketball is played forever for example how all kids want to shoot like Steph Curry and want to be able to dunk like LeBron and want to pass like Jason Kidd or dribble like Iverson and I want kids to feel the same way about me as I grow up and continue with basketball.

5. You’re a player who plays with a lot of fire and passion. Where does that come from?

The passion and grit I play with comes from my family they are always going to be the most important people in the world to me no matter what and they are always there and encouraging me to make myself better and improve so I would have to say it comes from my family.

6. Most people see you as a pure scorer, what do you think is one overlooked aspect of your game?

I think the most overlooked attribute I have is my court vision and being able to work well with my team it’s easy for me to read the defense and be able to feed my teammates the ball in places they feel comfortable with it.

7. What would you like to improve on?

The things I want to improve on most are my jumping ability because that will add an entire new style of play that I would be able to have in my bag.

8. How do you deal with pressure?

In all honesty my family has kept me very level headed and taught me at a young age that no matter if people say you are amazing and you are going to be great doesn’t mean that you need to stop working hard and improving so I always trying to focus accepting the compliments and using them as motivation to make myself better as a player.

9. Is there anything you would like college coaches to know about you?

I love to compete and try and push people around me to be the same way so that even when times get tough we will remember all the grinding and hard work we did in practice so games it becomes natural.

10. Expectations for this season?

My person goal for this year is to go for a triple double every game with at least 20 points 10 rebounds and 10 assists and as a team try and have at 75% win ratio and from that point take it game by game and try and make it to state.