Posted On: 09/6/18 8:00 AM

Evan Nelson is a 2020 guard from Salpointe Catholic. He is one of my favorite prospects in the state due to his very high basketball IQ and great scoring ability. Nelson may have the most well-rounded game I have seen in a player this age. Very solid on defense, great scoring/shooting ability, and his high IQ makes him a great passer. Nelson was also listed on my Top Players to Watch list (4A).

1. You’ve gotten a lot of attention this year, how do you handle that?

I think it’s good that I am gaining some attention considering how hard I work I feel like it’s what I deserve, but I take it lightly I know that I have to get better and I’ve got a lot of things to work on so I don’t try to let those things stick on me for too long

2. What is your biggest strength on the court?

I’d say my biggest strength on the basketball court is my ability to make everybody on the court better as well as my scoring ability.

3. What do you want to improve on?

I want to improve on being more of a leader on the court communicating and being loud and just being the best extension of the coach on the court I can.

4. How far do you think basketball will take you?

I think eventually basketball can take me to as far as the pro level if I continue to work, keep my faith in God, and continue academically to succeed.

5. Why basketball? Why do you have love and passion for this game?

I say I have the love and passion for basketball the way I do is because that’s what I had around me growing up. I had a little hoop and a ball so naturally I fell in love with it and now I am where I am today,

6. How’s recruiting going?

Recruiting is going pretty well right now definitely one of the best feelings that I can gain right now is knowing  a school wants you and the relationships you establish in recruiting can lead you along way.

7. Talk about last year’s state playoff run. What have you done in order to get back to the State Championship game this upcoming season?

Last year State run obviously didn’t come out as we would’ve liked it too but I feel like it was still a historical year. Coming into this year will have that fire lit under us and will use that last game is motivation to work as hard as we can during season.

8. What role does academics play in your life? GPA?

Academics please of course huge role in my life going to school like Salpointe Catholic they’re big on education and about 99% of people there go on to college so just being around peers with the same goal as you really will push you to work harder in the classroom.

9. What are your personal and team expectations this season?

Personally each high school year I’m just looking to do better than last and keep improving at things I wasn’t as good as the year before and as for team go it’s the same every year to win the state title.

10. What’s the goal? What is your hoop dream?

My main goal is to play basketball for as long as I can hopefully make a living off of it and eventually give back to those they gave to me and my community.