Wing and Combo Forward Names to Know


Posted On: 08/11/18 6:32 AM

We wanted to run back through the notebook to find the names who didn’t make a weekend recap, yet showed enough ability to receive recognition. In this Names to Know weekend series, we’re simply listing off players worthy of tracking in the coming months and years. In other words, this is your unranked guys who haven’t been mentioned in a Prep Hoops Ohio article until now. Sleepers!

We have most of these prospects evaluated as small college gems who could thrive if they find the right system or might fill a need for anyone.

We’re more than halfway through, but comeback tomorrow for our final installment of Names to Know:


Conor Stolly (2020), 6’5” W/F, Alter / Shining Star Red

Stolly intrigues us in that there are hints of ball skills, size, and fluidity. His height and decent feet are of help when it comes to defending a pick and roll. He’s not a quick twitch type of athlete, but he moves well enough to defend a couple spots at the high school level. Lot of growth potential in that he’s young and undeveloped. Stolly is capable of handling and shooting, but we want to see him become much more assertive off the dribble.

Huston Harrah (2020), 6’5” W/F, Fairfield Union (homeschool) / Hidden Gems Black

Harrah has good size for a 3 and shows some speed in the open floor. He has stiff hips but is able to create space in the paint with strength. Shaky finisher and inside touch. We like his defensive versatility and rebounding above all else. He may need to defend the 4 at the college level.

David Brown (2019), 6’5” F, Linden McKinley / Ohio Varsity Shooting Stars

Brown is an active combo forward who plays hard on defense and is versatile on that end of the floor. Lacks skill but makes up for it by crashing the boards and doing the little things. Glue guy who would likely be used as a utility forward for a small college program unless his ball skills come along considerably.

Kristopher McClure (2021), 6’4” F, St. Xavier / Apex

McClure likes to catch, pivot to face the basket, and hit the jumper out of the triple threat. His length and high-release allow him to hit over forwards. McClure played the 4 and 5 for Apex this summer but maybe he’ll become more of a pure 4 or combo forward — he’s not that tall. But he has a decently athletic build that allows him to be effective around the basket as a defender and rebounder. Mechanical athlete.

Christian Gillian (2019), 6’6” W, Hilliard Davidson / Hidden Gems Northwest

Gillian is a true specialist. He exclusively shoots the rock from deep. He is always confident, often aggressive, from outside as a spot-shooter. But cultivating other skills to take advantage of his height would really help him out as a prospect.

AJ Mock (2020), 6’1” W, Reynoldsburg / Nova (Alleyne)

Mock is a football kid who, in looking at Reynoldsburg’s three team roster from 2017-18, may not have even played basketball last season. However, as most good football players, Mock provided hustle and toughness on the defensive end. He can move his feet and defend 3s because of his muscular build. Mock also occasionally dropped in floaters and contested layups on straight-line drives. There’s a little something there.