Posted On: 08/25/18 4:37 PM

Earlier today, Will Barton hosted his annual elite camp that consisted of talent from all over the country, however the majority of the players were from the mid-Atlantic region. With no shortage of talent, the players took part in a morning session consisting of drills and stations, which were followed by a series of games. Each portion gave you a chance to dissect the strengths and weaknesses of the players. For this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the point guard who stood out throughout the day in its entirety.


Devon Barnes | 6’0 | ’21 Lawton Christian (OK)

Barnes has the argument of being one of the most impressive players in the entire camp. The 6-foot guard was one of the smallest players, but made one of the biggest splashes and caught many eyes. Barnes is a controlled point guard who can fill the role of a floor general and exactly what coaches expect of their point guard in today’s game: set up scorer, facilitate the offense and knock down three’s. Barnes checked all three of those categories emphatically. He also got after it defensively and communicated well. Barnes is coming off of a productive summer with Team BBC and today showed continued improvement.


Ryan Conway | 6’1 | ’21 Dulaney (MD)

These types of events is where Conway is guaranteed to shine. Mostly because he is one of the best scorers at his position. It was much of the same today as he was making a living shooting from the outside and whenever his defender was shaky on a close out, he’d blow by for a lay up or floater. Conway made good decisions in the open floor and was making a point to reward the big men for filling the lanes.


Ishmael Leggett | 6’2 | ’20 St. John’s College High School (DC)

Leggett had a productive day doing a little bit of everything. The 6-foot-2 guard is a crafty scorer at the point guard position who operates well in pick-and-roll situations. The majority of his baskets today came off of one or two dribbles in the mid-range, but he’s shown in the past to be a capable three-point shooter and an efficient finisher when attacking the basket.

Marcus Dockery

Marcus Dockery | 6’1 | ’20 Bishop O’Connell

Dockery is a smooth, left-handed point guard that can score in bunches. He has deep range on his three-point shot and once he sees one go in, it can become target practice. He didn’t shoot as efficiently today, but was taking advantage on being on the receiving end of many kick-out passes during the game portion.


Ahmad Harrison | 6’0 | ’21 Gerstell Academy

Harrison played well during the game portion of camp, but he was an absolute terror defensively on the ball in drills and stations. In most cases, Harrison plays with a laid back tone to his game, but today for whatever reason he played with a fire lit under him and showed how effective he could be on both sides of the floor. In transition, Harrison was making advance passes immediately that eventually led to easy baskets. He showed nice touch on floaters when the opportunity presented itself.


Jalen Jackson | 6’1 | Karen Wagner High School (TX)

Jackson was another point guard who impressed more during the drill session, especially in the 3-on-3 pick-and-roll drill. Jackson did a great job reading how the defense was rotating and either finding the open man, or making them pay for not covering the ball screen correctly. He had his moments during games as well on both sides. A very solid floor general who has a good grasp on the game and knows when to pick his spots.


Gerard Mungo | 6’1 | Patterson (MD)

Mungo is going to make his mark no matter what the event is. He is a perfect example of a Baltimore guard because of his toughness and the chip on his shoulder that he plays with. Mungo was more effective driving and finishing around the rim today. The 6-foot-1 guard had a few tough finishes even with players who were 6-foot-9 or taller contesting. Mungo is a competitor, so he made his presence known from the opening tip.