Up and Away: Kentucky’s Top Dunkers


Posted On: 08/9/18 12:10 PM

There are some players in Kentucky who are just electric with the ball in their hands. Some players are going to put their head down and get to the rim. Some of the most athletic kids in the state are always looking to dunk on whoever gets in their way. Here’s a breakdown of the best dunkers in Kentucky right now.

KyKy Tandy, UHA – Tandy has an enormous 40+ inch vertical and is always looking to fly down the lane and dunk on someone. KyKy is likely to create multiple moments per game when you just marvel at his athleticism. You can see some of his AAU dunks courtesy of Courtside Films HERE 

David Johnson, Trinity – David can do about any dunk you want to see but his sometimes look less impressive than Tandy’s because David is 6’5. Make no mistake, Johnson will absolutely drive and try to dunk on you. 

Trey Brock, Middlesboro – Brock is much lesser known than Tandy and Johnson but he’s been tested at a 43 inch vertical and puts on a show in warmups every time out. Once he gets to where he is putting down windmills and 360s in games, he may remind people of Georgetown freshman Mac McClung.

JJ Traynor, Bardstown – Traynor is 6’8 and very long. The reason he makes this list is because he dunks everything with two hands and makes it look like he’s trying to pull the rim down with every finish. Last month at the Next Up camp, JJ was a dunking machine.

Dontaie Allen, Pendleton County – Allen probably gets more dunks per game than anyone in the state and is capable of finishing with one hand or two in traffic because of his absurd length. 

TreVon Smith, Taylor County – With Smith, his dunks are more quality than quantity but at only about 6’2, TreVon will take off and dunk it as hard as he possibly can. He’s less likely than these others to dunk on someone but he gets up so high that all his dunks are impressive.

Jacob Hobbs, Central Hardin – Hobbs is more likely to catch a nice tip dunk than to take off and try to dunk on someone. Jacob landed several nice dunks over the course of the AAU season and will definitely look to terrorize rims in the 5th region all year. Check out video here

Dieonte Miles, Walton-Verona – Miles has such a quick second jump that he can miss a shot and tip dunk it himself before most Kentucky kids can miss the first shot. Dieonte is long and tries to dunk everything he can. Check out video here


Honorable Mention:

Marques Warrick, Henry Clay – Marques hasn’t had a ton of dunks in game yet but he had the best dunk I saw all summer long at Georgetown’s team camp in June. One handed And-1 on a defender. 

Isaiah Cozart, Madison Central – More of a quantity than quality dunker, Isaiah dunks everything he can. While he has caught the occasional body, Cozart finishes everything with two hands and dunks hard.

Trey James, Sheldon Clark – Like Cozart, Trey won’t wow you with his dunks but he tries to dunk everything and does it with both hands. He will likely dunk on a player or two in the 15th region this season.

Cearius Warren, Southern – “King” Warren is a very flashy dunker who can do a lot of different types. Expect him to put on a show in layup lines all season long at Southern.