Posted On: 08/28/18 8:05 PM

The 2021 and 2022 classes have begun to show what they can do, we got the chance to see a few players of the younger age at the UNCP Elite Camp that we feel have a chance to be really good before its all said and done. 

Lumberton HS 2021 Guard Charlie Miller: The coaches son will be a player that we feel can make a nice impact for Lumberton this season. He has a good feel for the game, can knock down shots, and defends at a solid rate, all around solid showing once again from this youngster.

Fayetteville Academy 2021 Guard Walt Ghuffar: The improvement that he has continued to make on a consistent basis is impressive, although he was one of the younger players in the building, he fit right in with his play. His athletic ability is what we would call ‘‘sneaky’’, you may not expect him to throw down a dunk on you but he can and will when the opportunity presents itself.

Rocky Mount HS 2021 Guard Jackson Thompson: Not only can he knock down shots, but he also does a nice job of communicating with teammates. It didn’t matter if he was on the court or on the bench, he was constantly talking and making sure everyone was on the same page.  Another attribute that we liked about him is that he is always moving, constantly forcing his defender to attempt to keep up with him while he runs around the court, thru screens and so on.

2022 Guard Brandon Martin: One of the youngest and smallest players that was in the building, he comes from a basketball family so this is nothing new to him. He has a nice natural feel for the game, sees the floor well and already can shoot the ball at a solid rate from deep, just give him some time so fully growth.

Lumberton 2020 Guard Jordan McNeill: Another player that was unable to attend but is a hometown favorite, he is one of the top rebounding guards in the area. McNeill will be a player that Lumberton HS looks to lead their team this season on both end of the floor which should only help him gain even more interest from college programs.