Posted On: 08/23/18 4:23 PM

There are players in outstate Minnesota that choose multiple sports over Grassroots Basketball, but don’t look past them, these kids can go.  Here are the True Under the Radar Talents from Class AA. 

Section 1AA. Expectations are very high at Rochester Lourdes because of the returning talent.  Antewan Webber showed great potential this 17u year, Colin Meade was a top 16u talent, and lead guard Matthew Hayford is coming off a 16 point per game season at lead guard and ready to put the Eagles near the top like they are used to.  Hayford is now a senior and the top returning scorer. 

Section 2AA. Every year NRHEG has a guy step into the senior top dog role and the 18-19 year will be no different.  The name to watch now is Brady Agrimson, a guard that produced a dozen points a contest as a junior for a NHREG team that followed a 30-3 season, by going 24-4.  No it wasn’t a state year, but it was still a season where NRHEG was a top Class AA team and stepping into a consistent performance role was Brady. 

Section 3AA. Minnewaska Area was a state tournament team in March of 2018 because of a senior heavy squad full of long time double figure performers.  Six-foot-7 Shawn Carsten made the best of his touches for three or four scores a game but the seniors rightfully handled a big share of the scoring on a top team.  Now Carsten will be leaned on for much more production and his progress is something to monitor. 

Section 4AA. A junior who could explode at guard for St. Croix Prep is Daniel McCarrell.  At just under six feet Daniel scored 19 points a game as a freshman asked to not only handle and distribute at times but score.  McCarrell consistently produced in both ways helping his team win 18 and now the upperclassmen years await. 

Section 5AA. In a section that is metro dominated by Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis North, Maranatha Christian, and Breck it’s easy to forget that 5AA also has some outstate teams including Rockford.  And when talking Rockford basketball last year the first name that entered the conversation was Luke Pepin.  As a 6-foot-1 wing Pepin gave Rockford 16 points and led them to the section final four with 19 wins (no easy feat in this section). 

Section 6AA. By now you have heard about the style of play that has put Pine City on the map and made them a 23 game winner a year ago.  The Dragons will still be scorching the nets with their heated approach.  That starts with Nick Hansmann, one of the team’s many weapons.  Nick put up 15-16 a game in the system as a junior. 

Section 7AA. Greenway didn’t battle their way into the top ten a year ago just off of one game.  Dylan DeChampeau is really good but he had help from Jace Hansen-Cochran, a 6-foot-2 wing who put up 18 points a contest working off of DeChampeau . They became a dynamite pair that has big dreams for 2018-19.  

Section 8AA. Hawley had some big upsets last year and nearly kept Breckenridge from playing in the state tournament.  If you hear about Nuggets victories next March it won’t be in Denver, it will be in northern Minnesota with Noah Glad and Jayden Carlisle ending dreams.  Both were near 20 point per game scorers a year ago because Glad is a pure warrior at 6-foot-3 while Carlisle is a high IQ 5-foot-9 pure PG.