Posted On: 08/28/18 1:43 PM

The Class of 2020 rankings are here!

Always remember at we rank on what a player WILL BE, not on what they are today.   In no way does this mean stop striving, because rankings always have flaws and always overlook good players.

The third bunch of wings still have realistic college aspirations.  The main thing that separates these talented players and the 10 above them in this recent ranking release is size.  There are players below that are thin and ungainly.  There are shorter shooters that need to prove point guard is possible.  Any of these players can make that leap.  Most of them are well respected by their peers for work ethic.

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The following list reveals the 21st-30th wings in the state alongside their statewide overall ranking.  The first player listed is the #21 wing, and also the #42 overall player in Tennessee in 2020.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#42 D.D. Anderson (Murfreesboro Oakland)

Oakland’s exciting wings (DeArre McDonald, D.D. Anderson) will compliment Ray Tyler an Keishawn Davison nicely this winter.  Much of the struggles of Oakland last winter centered around a lackluster frontcourt and aimless wing spot.  Anderson’s maturing game will solve that as he presents many problems at 6-foot-6.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#43 Denver Jones (Tennessee Prep)

A scorer from Alabama, Denver Jones competed with Tennessee Prep last season.  Jones gives his team a reliable outside shooter each instance he graces the court.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#44 Rasuan Richardson (Whites Creek)

The explosive Richardson plays both football and basketball.  At 6-foot-1, Richardson doesn’t fit the traditional mold of off-guard unless he gets up and into the trees on the glass.  Richardson’s bounce is astronomical and an enormous part of his basketball potential. The junior also traps with fervor.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#50 Briggs Rutter (Zion Christian Academy)

There is something to be said for a player that dominates with smaller schools.  Sure it would be more telling if Briggs Rutter carried over his offensive arsenal to Class AAA clashes.  Maybe he could.  But learning how to score and score some more when the defensive is keyed on you takes determination and evolving skill.  Briggs is a consistent scorer with a nice physicality to his game.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#53 Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian)

Once again an EAB 16u player hops onto the list.  Sure EAB develops players, but players like Mason boasted a refined, highly-skilled game upon arrival.  McKnatt’s shooting form is excellent.  The AAU team drew up game-winning plays for the scorer a handful of times. McKnatt will struggle to find his place in college basketball merely because of his diminutive stature.  In the last 1-2 years his ball-handling capabilities improved to the point he might be a legit point.  McKnatt’s basketball brains are exceptional.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#55 Ryan Wilcox (Nashville Hillsboro)

Ryan Wilcox is an unsung star in Nashville.  His explosion off the floor helps him play taller than his 6-foot-3.  Wilcox will need to keep improving his pull-up jumper even though his range might not expand to the arc.  Wilcox’s devotion to the game and natural strength make him an enticing prospect with a wonderful trajectory.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#60 Michael Houge (Chattanooga Christian)

Tall, foreboding.  Michael Houge does plenty of damage in the lane.  At this stage he plays like a combo forward, but projects as a small forward with shooting guard flashes.  Houge needs to improve his intensity on the court as teammates routinely look to him for their inspiration.  Houge’s size and strength are great assets. 

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#66 Milton Edmonson (Memphis Melrose)

Competing next to Rickey Shotwell, Edmonson played significant, starter’s minutes for Melrose’s 17-win team.  Like Shotwell, Edmonson knocks down multiple three-pointers per contest.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#70 Anthony Burks (Memphis Hamilton)

Anthony played sparingly with the Class AA Championship holders Hamilton High, but he did get burn with Bluff City Legends 16u.  Burks is a physical guard that needs to grow into a larger role offensively.  His ability to score against powerful defenders projects well.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#71 Isaac Rankhorn (Montgomery Central)

Tall, lefty scorer Isaac Rankhorn competed with Ryan Wilcox, DeArre McDonald, Harry Lackey, etc. on an upstart WHBH Gold squad.  Rankhorn’s offensive versatility suggests Division III/NAIA recruiting on the horizon.  At 6-foot-5, Rankhorn features a lovely shooting touch.


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