Posted On: 08/24/18 8:14 AM

Prep Hoops Ohio’s Top 250 Expo isn’t this Sunday, or next Sunday, or the following, but the one after that. September 16 at Pickerington North. So, you have plenty of time to sign-up, and you can do that right here.

Wooster, Denison, Hiram, Marian, Marietta, Mount St. Joseph, Otterbein, Charleston, Mount Union, and Wittenberg have already RSVP’d for the showcase. You can play in front of them, and here’s the point of today’s article, also against legitimate competition. Nearly 50 players have signed up so far, most of which are bona fide college prospects, others with something to prove. There’s room for plenty more to join, and here’s the senior guards you’d play against.

Treohn Watkins, 5’11” PG, Columbus South (2019 rankings: #93)

Watkins just put the finishing touches on a very consistent grassroots season with Miller Factory. The part-time track star has premier speed, a tool he uses to both push the break and make defenses feel pressure in the halfcourt. Watkins also has a very good long-range jumper. He’s working to add an in-between game, which is crucial at his size, so we’re excited to check up on that in mid-September.

Kayin Derden, 6’2 G, Columbus DeSales (#80)

Derden is a rangy and lengthy defensive player that has a chance to be the talk of the Expo. He will aggressively seek his 3-point shot as an off-ball spot-up guy, or we could see him testing the waters as a primary ball-handler at times. Derden takes pride in communicating defensely, a skill that will really shine in the five-on-five part of the day.

From our perspective, if he just keeps doing what he’s always done defensively and has a consistent shooting day, we’d expect the colleges coaches to be very excited about Derden. This summer, he was talking to Charleston and Denison amongst plenty others, including planning a visit to Charleston.  

Anthony Mazzeo, 6’2” G, Massillon Jackson (#151)

Mazzeo’s game has been hampered by injuries over the last 12 months or so. Playing with Nova (Russell) in July, he looked to be at full strength for the first time in a while. We know Mazzeo can certainly shoot the ball. He should play to his strengths at the Expo by finding separation with off-ball movement and pulling up. But we’re also looking forward to checking up on his foot-speed, both off the dribble and laterally on defense.

Anthony Rego, 6’4” G/W, Westlake

Rego is a player we watched once with TNBA Ohio this summer but never saw again. He averaged, and this is according to his impressive Hudl film, 18.2 points and 8.2 rebounds per game as a junior. So, we’re pumped that Rego is coming out.

He’s a long, unassuming athlete that looks to play aggressively in passing lanes. We’re thinking that he will likely defend the 2, maybe the 3, in college because of his frame. Rego has a pretty good first step and can create space with his jab series. He’s a rather knock-down shooter with his feet set. His body could mature to make him a more versatile player — bulking up would allow him to defend up and be a physical finisher. But we’ll have a more complete picture of his game next month!

Others: Antonio Green (Pickerington Central)


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