Posted On: 08/27/18 4:00 PM

The Class of 2020 rankings are here!

Always remember at we rank on what a player WILL BE, not on what they are today.   In no way does this mean stop striving, because rankings always have flaws and always overlook good players.

The one consistent attribute consistently featured in this list is athleticism.  Five of these wings sincerely have a shot at pro basketball.  Already Keon Johnson and Matthew Murrell broadened their recruiting appeal to the entire northeastern region.  The two top players, and top two wings, could climb into the top 30 players nationally.

Of course this can all change and rankings are merely a flashpoint in time.  Still, these players earned their current rankings with play on the court.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

The following list reveals the top 10 wings in the state alongside their statewide overall ranking.  The first player listed is the #1 wing, and also the #1 overall player in Tennessee in 2020.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#1 Keon Johnson (Webb School-Bell Buckle)

EAB 17u ran away with numerous titles this summer on the shoulders of Keon Johnson and K.J. Johnson.  Beyond his blatant athletic advantage on the wing, Keon Johnson sets himself apart by competing with that uncommon superstar drive.  Solidifying the #1 ranking in the state of Tennessee will never be enough for Keon.  The wonderful wing is not prone to settling.  Greatness is in his future.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#2 Matthew Murrell (Whitehaven)

There emerged a time late July when Matthew Murrell looked capable of challenging Keon Johnson for the top spot.  Murrell played 17u basketball with Team Thad after the first LIVE weekend.  Murrell’s explosion peaked with wild dunks and the aggression impressed college scouts.  Murrell deferred quite a bit as a sophomore before his injury.  The emotional maturity he gained in the last six months shows that Murrell is now prepared to dominate high school basketball and lead Whitehaven back to state.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#7 Samson Ruzhentsev (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy)

Facing a monumental task of Ensworth High and McCallie the first week of February, Samson Ruzhentsev ascended above the masses.  He surged through top defenses and finished above strong forwards with ease.  Samson’s pedigree of sharpshooting is now only the foundation for his fantastically diverse game.  Now he can score at all three levels and compete with bizarre straight line speed.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#9 Keshawn Lawrence (Ensworth)

Though Keshawn rarely sees his name atop the state basketball rankings he truly does belong.  Lawrence is a highly-recruited football prospect with SEC football options already.  Still, Lawrence plays with the toughness of a football player on the court.  Generally, elite football players serve as slow-footed (by basketball standards) shorter bigs at the high school level.  Keshawn is not a big man.  Instead, Lawrence dashes around the deck with the speed of a point guard and confidently overpowered Kansas-bound center David McCormack in a contest in Chattanooga last April.  Keshawn is a ridiculous athlete that could play HM basketball.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#11 Marcellus Brigham Jr. (Briarcrest Christian)

Much of Brigham’s climb sprung from his improved agility away from the lane.  Brigham Jr. gets more opportunities to handle with Bluff City Legends 16u and this mobility reveals his path to college.  Brigham Jr. is destined to assume a larger scoring responsibility on a deeper Briarcrest squad this winter.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#12 Michael Wallace (Stratford)

Wallace embodies that precarious tweener moniker.  He rebounds like a power forward, but lacks the outside shooting of a wing despite being the ideal height for a college wing.  Unless Wallace can improve his shooting touch, then he will peak as a defensive stopper/slasher.  The insane athletic bounce and toughness of Wallace vaulted him to top 15.  He will need to improve the pertinent skills to remain.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#13 Andersson Garcia (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy)

If any Coach Zach Ferrell’s instincts about Andersson Garcia are correct he is an eventual top 3 player in the class. Garcia stands 6-foot-7 with an elegance and grace to his movements.  Garcia can shoot already.  Unable to play AAU basketball this summer, Garcia’s reputation is nowhere near its pinnacle.  Of everybody in the 2020 class Garcia will rise fastest in the coming six months.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#16 James Williams (Clarksville Northwest)

James “Scooter” Williams scores in the open floor.  His sophomore year represented a breakout season for one of Clarksville’s finest.  Expect his team to be better this fall/winter and Williams’ recruiting options should flourish in tandem.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#18 Delvin White (Briarcrest Christian)

Just jumpy and threatening, Delvin White gave Hamilton High a relentless rebounder to help Martrell Brooks on the boards.  The team didn’t have the size of most Class AA teams and yet virtually no teams outrebounded the Wildcats.  Delvin was a big part of that.  White’s game should be more perimeter-orientated this winter.  Transferring to Briarcrest Christian might help him or hurt him regarding his skillset.  Remember Kennedy Chandler gets many touches with Briarcrest.  Delvin and his camp want White to be a point guard/combo guard very soon.  

Gioppino Basketball clip art#19 Rodney Mason III (Bartlett)

Team Thad 16u forward Rodney Mason III keeps trying to assimilate as a wing.  The progression is challenging as Mason’s shooting touch lags behind his peers.  Somewhat similar to Mike Wallace, Rodney Mason III rebounds like a champ and defends with purpose.  His ceiling will be determined by shooting prowess or lack thereof.


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