Posted On: 08/6/18 3:55 PM

The Class of 2020 rankings are here!

Always remember at we rank on what a player WILL BE, not on what they are today.   In no way does this mean stop striving, because rankings always have flaws and always overlook good players.

The one consistent attribute consistently featured in this list is quickness.  Playing well at top speeds is necessary for an elite point guard.  The ability to handle is great, but if you can’t blow by a defender or break a press with the dribble, then it really isn’t worth the time invested.  Exceptional moves are only worth it if the player can capitalize and create separation after their execution.  All ten of the following players can.

Of course this can all change and rankings are merely a flashpoint in time.  Still, these players earned their current rankings with play on the court.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

The following list reveals the top 10 point guards in the state alongside their statewide overall ranking.  The first player listed is the #1 point guard, and also the #4 overall player in Tennessee in 2020.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#4 Marvin Hughes (McGavock)

McGavock’s Marvin Hughes eclipsed the 1,000 point plateau early 2018 as a sophomore.  The floor general also starts for prestigious Team Thad 16u.  By the end of his AAU career, about this time next summer, Hughes will probably have started at point guard for Team Thad 15u, Team Thad 16u, and Team Thad 17u.  Few can boast such a sterling resume. 

Gioppino Basketball clip art#8 Marcus Fitzgerald Jr. (Brentwood Academy)

Frankly, Marcus is the most unproven player on this list.  Injuries and transfers forced Marcus to miss much of his sophomore season.  Fitzgerald Jr. began high school with Stratford.  Then he transferred to Hillsboro.  Now he is at Brentwood Academy where he anticipates a breakout season.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#10 Jordan Rawls (Hamilton Heights Christian Academy)

Jordan Rawls is vital to the success of HHCA this year.  A rule change removed almost the entire senior class from Head Coach Zach Ferrell.  No Wheza Panzo. No Tre Edwards.  Rawls has to indoctrinate the new wave of talent to HHCA’s winning ways.  Rawls is very quick and will knock down three-pointers with regularity.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#15 Dante Harris (Alcoa)

The Alcoa point guard, Dante Harris vaulted himself into the top 20 with exceptional 17u play.  BMaze 17u gave him an opportunity to play up and Dante took full advantage of it.  Look for him to play a traditional pass-first point guard role at the college level.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#17 Jalen Montgomery (Lausanne Collegiate)

Any 6-foot-4 point guard is going to have a chance at the next level.  Jalen Montgomery teeters between wing and point guard in his makeup.  He hits the open triple and handles well.  Montgomery’s biggest weakness is consistency.  Throughout July he had some dry patches and disappeared a few times during critical games.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#20 Jacobi Wood (Cleveland)

Cleveland High keeps pumping them out.  Jacobi Wood anchored WHBH 16u, routinely drawing 3-4 Division I coaches into the fray.  Wood’s size and demeanor give him a leg up on peers.  Chattanooga, Middle Tennessee, and other mid-majors are in early on him.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#24 Alvin Miles (Whitehaven)

Whitehaven’s 2020 class is remarkable, probably the best in the state.  Matthew Murrell earned much of the hype, but Alvin Miles played more in March.  Murrell battled an injury and Miles pushed him Tigers to the state final against Memphis East with sparkling point guard play.  Miles is impossible to check.  His quickness is bizarre and destructive. Miles is probably only 5-foot-7 or so.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#25 Isaiah Cathey (Memphis East)

The ability to play effectively at high speeds makes Cathey a MM-MM+ prospect.  Cathey should have ascended to the starting role this winter, but Memphis East drew in a transfer from Ridgeway in Antonio Thomas Jr.

Gioppino Basketball clip art

#28 Javonte Platt (Webb School-Bell Buckle)

Stewarts Creek will lose their best player to Keon Johnson’s Webb School in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.  Picture Platt, Jordan Jenkins, and Keon Johnson together!  Platt competed with EAB 16u all summer and showed off some scoring instincts. 

Gioppino Basketball clip art#31 Joe Anderson (Maryville)

Joe Anderson sees himself as a mid-major prospect.  He expects to land at that level with his diverse skillset.  Anderson’s strengths are court vision, speed with the ball, and creativity. 


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