Posted On: 08/31/18 2:57 PM

There are different types of point guards in basketball that are all effective depending on their team’s personnel. There’s the point guard that can score, one that is a pass first point guard, one that can do both, and then there’s the point guard who is any of the three but is very vocal and a great leader making him or her a floor general. 
Last year Northern California saw two of some of the best point guards to ever come out of the Bay Area in James Akinjo, and Elijah Hardy. Both will be playing college basketball at the highest level with Hardy going to Washington and Akinjo at Georgetown. After such a good class of point guards who can do all of the above, what separated the two from its competitors is their floor general style during their play.
The ability to take control of the game on both ends and put your teammates in the best position to be successful on the floor is what makes a good floor general. The point guard becomes that on the court coach that helps the team grow. Nor-Cal has a new wave of floor generals coming up such as 2020 Dayton Magana, 2019 Ezra Manjon and more,  that are looking to make their stamp on high school basketball and move on to the next level. Even though guards are easy to find, coaches love to get their hands on a good floor general type of point guard that can make their teammates better.