The 17U All State Team


Posted On: 08/3/18 11:31 AM

Four months of 17u basketball ended last weekend in Las Vegas but several players from Minnesota 17 and Under teams had fantastic seasons and we honor those seasons today with the 17U All State Team.

17U All State – First Team

Matthew Hurt of D1 Minnesota.  A first team 17u All American nationwide Matthew Hurt was nearly a 20 point per game scorer as a top five player in the nation leading D1 Minnesota into the top five nationally.

Zeke Nnaji of D1 Minnesota.  Gave a top five ranked team in the nation 14-15 points and 6-7 rebounds a game pushing himself into the top 30-35 as a nationally ranked player and earning offers from the likes of UCLA, Arizona, and so many more.  A fantastic improvement in the last 12 months.

David Roddy of Howard Pulley.  We’ve long waited for the David Roddy high major to come and it did from Northwestern.  Makes sense considering Roddy averaged 15.1 points and 7.4 rebounds a game in EYBL competition shooting nearly 50 percent from the floor.

Jalen Suggs of Grassroots Sizzle. Averaged just over 14 points per game in three weekends of UAA play with five rebounds shooting 47 percent from the floor as a guard.  Jalen helped the Sizzle win more than half of their games in UAA events which was a major step up front last year, and the team is still young.

Tyrell Terry of D1 Minnesota.  The Stanford commit has one stat that really matters – outside of the 6-7 assists a game of course – and that’s the 40-4 record that D1 Minnesota finished with this year.  The team gelled in a big way and Tyrell was largely responsible for it. 


17U All State – Second Team

Dain Dainja of Grassroots Sizzle.  Dain made a big time splash in UAA play averaging 11.5 points and about eight boards a game while getting several HM offers.

Patrick McCaffery of D1 Minnesota. McCaffery fit in perfectly with the D1 Minnesota team as the Iowa commit assumed the role of active wing and did it so well.

Jack Middleton of Fury Wilde.  The most consistent player both ways for one of the most balanced line-ups out there.  Hit big shots too.

Cole Nicholson of Fury Wilde.  Had a fantastic July attacking like a scholarship scorer and the bundle of D2 offers, and a D1 offer came.

Tyler Wahl of D1 Minnesota.  Secondary ball handler and at times the full game PG, top defender, one of the top rebounders, and just about everything else.


17U All State – Third Team

Jamison Battle of D1 Minnesota.  The shooting stroke changed games and D1 schools noticed. Mr. Momentum Boost All year, Dr Splash. 

Jacob Beeninga of Fury Wilde.  Jacob simply hits big shots and he continues to do it year after year, led Fury at PG to a state high 45 wins.

Courtney Brown Jr of Howard Pulley. Averaged 12.4 points and 4.4 rebounds in EYBL play shooting 40 percent at the arc (4-5 taken a game).

Isaac Fink of Minnesota Comets. Should be the next guy to get a D1 offer in this class, after getting healthy Fink was awesome in June/July.

Goodnews Kpegeol of Grassroots Sizzle.  A kid you always knew was a D1 player came into his own and earned his chances this 17u year.


17U All State – Fourth Team

Blaise Beauchamp of Howard Pulley.  Scored over a dozen a game in EYBL.

Matt Johnson of Minnesota Comets.  The guy people would follow into a battle.
Terry Lockett of Grassroots Sizzle.  Excellent July with the Sizzle.

Jared Rainey of Heat Nelson.  The QB of the Heat Nelson push.

Malik Willingham of Select Leafblad.  Few guys could match what he did offensively this year.

Dane Zimmer of Fury Wilde.  One of the smartest bigs in the state, very efficient/consistent.


17U All State – Fifth Team

Tommy Chatman of TC Pirates.  A top NSIC offered guy.

Charlie Gorres of Fury Wilde.  Headed to UMD.

Tommy Jensen of WOTN.  Didn’t know he could score like that.

Jake Kettner of D1 Minnesota Rise.  The D2 guy we knew he would be. 

Lu’Cye Patterson of Howard Pulley.  EYBL average of 8.2/3.1/3/0 as a 2020.


17U All State – Sixth Team

Camden Arndt of Comets K.  So versatile.

Jeremy Beckler of Heat Henderson.  Big numbers.

Drew Leistikow of SE Minnesota Lightning.  Consistent producer.

Eli Mostaert of WOTN.  Great feel.

Sam Schwartz of Heat MacDonald. Heart of the Team.

Cole Woodford of SW Minnesota Stars.  What a final game!