The 16U All State Team


Posted On: 08/6/18 2:37 PM

The 2020 class of talent in Minnesota will be one of the best ever.  Some players competed at 17u while others played 16u and competed for some of the best teams in the Midwest.  Here is this year’s 16U all state team comprised of players from Minnesota 16U teams.


16U All State  – First Team


Dawson Garcia of D1 Minnesota.  Proved that he is a top 30 ranked prospect nationally helped D1 Minnesota to at one point being #1 in the nation

Ben Carlson of D1 Minnesota.  A top 50 prospect nationally who led the team to a 32-6 record overall and a national ranking 7th in the country

Kerwin Walton of D1 Minnesota.  Has grown vertically, has become stronger, and much more assertive.  Added two high major offers.

Charlie Katona of Fury Zurn.  Katona went toe to toe with some of the best including Matt Mors (scored 27).  Will soon have many mid-major offers.

Brady Williams of Fury Zurn.  All around feel for the game is better than known and has become much more skilled.  Soon will have LM and likely MM offers.


16U All State  – Second Team


Steven Crowl of WOTN.  Crowl was fantastic in July at times carrying his team when needed.  High major coaches are in the gym for a reason, offers will come.

Jacob Hutson of Fury Kline.  The Fury Kline to #4 in the state was fun to watch and Hutson often led that climb.  Excellent year for a strong MM prospect, maybe HM?

Drake Dobbs of D1 Minnesota.  The fight and competitive battle of Dobbs was shown this summer.  Missouri Valley is talking to him and he will be that level.

Noah King of Comets Elite.   When it comes to guys that go at people like a bulldog every possession that’s Noah. 

Trejuan Holloman of Howard Pulley.  Played up two age levels (sometimes three) and had some of the best individual performances of the summer.


16U All State  – Third Team


Austin Andrews of D1 Minnesota.  Heads are still spinning on how to guard Austin.  The NSIC is praying that the D1 schools don’t come calling.

Cameron Steele of Fury Zurn.  Beautiful touch and a mean elbow, it’s such a wonderful combo.  Steele is a top 20 player in a very deep class.

Matthew Willert of Comets Elite.  Still one of the better kept secrets of this class.  Beautiful and explosive shooting touch.  Know the name.

J’Vonne Hadley of Gain Elite.  Time and time again he led Gain Elite who put together a strong 31 wins.  Skills are getting better as he becomes more of a wing.

Zach Lea of Fury Zurn.  Zach was one of Coach Zern’s most dependable players all season long and another guy that is under the radar some.


16U All State  – Fourth Team


Connor Christensen of D1 Minnesota.  Mr Intangible, Connor is loved by many.  One of the best defenders in the state, and a better shooter than credited for.

Cooper Olson of Fury Kline.  One of the top stock rasiers of the summer, Cooper Olson should have a big junior year at CP.

Reid Gastner of WOTN. Another top summer stock raiser, the skills of Reid have really grown.

Tony Dahl of Comets Elite.  Is this guy not Alex Hanks ten years later?  Come on!  Love his battle.

Kendall Brown of Howard Pulley.  Only played part of the season at 16u but was good enough to get him a spot on the list. One of the elite 2021s in the Midwest


16U All State  – Fifth Team


Blake Remme of Gain Elite.  Blake has a shooting touch that can go off.  NSIC schools love him.

John Henry of Fury Kline.  Henry’s year with EP and Fury Kline was better than expected, in both seasons.

Nathan Heise of WOTN.  Is their a prettier shot out there?  I really don’t think so. 

Juwan Grant of Team Get Shook.  Every time we see Get Shook play Grant is at another level.
Luke Gitzen of Fury Zurn.  Consistently brought his game both ways every contest.


16U All State  – Sixth Team


Dylan DeChampeau of MN Matrix.  Double double machine.

Will Cordes of MN Matrix.  Another under the radar guy.

Tait Nelson of Heat Moberg.  Pound for pound one of the toughest.

Parker Nielsen of Select Cave.  Was outstanding all year as a playmaker.

Amahn Decker of Mpls FAB.  Neared a double-double every time we saw him.