Summer Challenge: What We Learned


Posted On: 08/3/18 6:00 AM

What did we learn at the PrepHoops Summer Challenge in Deerfield during the last live period?  We dive into that here!


Breakaway is Here to Stay

The single biggest storyline of the weekend was the play of Breakaway Basketball at all age levels!  15U took home the crown beating a stacked Meanstreets 14U team.  They are so well coached at every age level including this group.  Breakaway had a game plan and behind the shooting of Samuel Hoiberg and John Digenan along with stellar team defense they got the victory in the championship game.  The 16U group pulled off the upset of the tournament defeating one of the top squads in the country in D1 Minnesota.  Nate Shockey hit big shot after big shot catapulting a 15-0 run to close the game.  Colin O’Rourke displayed his skilled game from the mid-post and in.  Connor McCance and McCabe Quast were fantastic inside.  The 17U team is stacked with small college gems in Connor Ilyavi, Trevor Casmere, Ocean Johnson, Zach Vaia, Caden Phillips, Andrew Veon, and Noah May.


Meanstreets 14U Loaded with Future High-Major Talent

The most impressive team from a pure talent standpoint was Meanstreets 14U group.  Coached by Daryl Curtis this team has a chance to be absolutely special in a few years.  They played up in the 15U pool and finished second.  They boast four prospects that could be potential high-major talents down the line including a pair that could be the top two prospects in Illinois in 2022.  AJ Casey from Simeon is a 6’8” post with elite athleticism, skill, and feel on both ends of the floor.  His future high school teammate Jaylen Drane is an explosive combo guard that can flat out get to the rim.  Jalen Washington from Indiana is a 6’7” combo forward that has five-star skill and athleticism.  Jeff Brazziel joined the group and proved to be a dynamic playmaking guard.  Two others to track early are Roberto Avila and Kam Craft.


Kessel Heat Loaded with Small College Talent

Kessel Heat had the deepest 17U run of Illinois squads as they made it to the championship contest where they came up just short in the final minute to Iowa Dynasty.  I really like this group and what they can bring to the table at the small college level.  Their best prospect is probably Jaeden Zackery who is an athletic guard that should be on more radars at the D2 level.  There is a ton of D3 and NAIA gems with this group including shooting playmaking guard Zach Toussaint, glue guy wing Daniel Filippone, and spot up shooter Pierre Black.  Inside Brian Johnson and Vuk Djuric both had their moments rebounding and showing skill.


Cortez Mosley Boosts Stock

Mosley is a perfect example of how a prospect can fly under the radar.  He plays at Peoria RIchwoods who is in Manual’s shadow in their own city.  Bounced around travel teams, but this 2019 prospect impressed when we saw him at Summer Challenge.  He played with the Illinois Warhawks where he displayed his elite athleticism right from the jump in one of their games.  Played above the rim with big dunks, slashed to the rim, and got after it defensively.  Will see a big bump in the next rankings update.



Scotty Ebube Will Make Big Debut in Next 2021 Rankings

Speaking of next rankings look for Mundelein power forward to make his debut as one of the top power forwards in the class in the next update of the 2021 class.  We saw Ebube at all three tournaments we attended in July and the 6’7” four man impressed each time with his strength, ability to board, and skill potential both on the block as well as facing up.





D1 Minnesota 16U Upset on Way to Title

It seemed inevitable that D1 Minnesota would take home the 16U championship.  You know a funny thing happened along the way as they fell to Breakaway blowing a huge lead late.  Their top three prospects Dawson Garcia, Ben Carlson, and Kerwin Walton were clearly three of the best prospects at the event and all high-major talents, but in one game anything can happen.




Meanstreets 15U Point Guard Quartet Share Spotlight Well

Sometimes it is hard for teams with multiple quality point guards to play together while still getting everyone the shine that they need.  That wasn’t a problem all spring and summer for Meanstreets 15U squad.  They were without several of their top players throughout the event so they were pushed by a quartet of 2021 point guards that all played well each having their moments in Brandon Hall, Kenton Wright, Nathanael Hoskins, and Quimari Peterson.




New Names Emerge

There were definitely a lot of new names that emerged on our radar with their play that will see their names appear in the next set of rankings.  Some of the notable ones included Carter Thurman (Illinois Attack 17U), Ocean Johnson (Breakaway 17U), Raimundo Menocal (Hoops4Health 17U), Brian Johnson (Kessel Heat 17U), Daniel Filippone (Kessel Heat 17U), David Williams (Rockford 5-0 17U), Jacob Schoffstall (Kessel Heat 16U), Connor McCance (Breakaway 16U), McCabe Quast (Breakaway 16U), Jason Bergstrom (Wolverines 16U), Connor Davis (HIT 15U), Trenton Tucker (Team RWA 15U), Sam Hoiberg (Breakaway 15U), John Digenan (Breakaway 15U), Kevin Bozeman (Breakaway 15U), Donovan Amos (Lake County Challengers 15U), Roberto Avila (Meanstreets 14U), and Kam Craft (Meanstreets 14U).


Victory Ministry Fan Support Amazing

The fan support for the Victory Ministry program was absolutely incredible!  They had tons of fans come all the way from Joplin, Missouri and they were loud and very supportive.  Their teams at the 15U, 16U, and 17U levels all supported each other with enthusiasm that I have very rarely seen in travel team basketball!