Stevenson Team Camp-Standout Guards (Part 2)

High School

Posted On: 08/8/18 3:20 PM

Yesterday, we were in attendance for Stevenson’s annual team camp where teams from all over the state of Maryland came to compete. It’s a great chance to not only catch up on top players from around the area, but also find some diamonds in the rough from under-the-radar type of leagues.


Throughout, we saw plenty of skilled guards. Here are a handful to finish this series.


Jared Billups | 6’3 | McDonogh 2021

This upcoming season, Billups will have an opportunity to make a name for himself. After making the team but nursing a patella injury for the majority of his freshman season, he’ll be looked upon as a combo guard and spend time bringing the ball up for McDonogh. He did a decent job of doing so Saturday and mixed up his scoring attack effectively. Billups is a strong defender both on and off the ball and rebounds it well with above average athleticism.


Kyrie Freeman-Davis | 6’0 | Bowie 2020
Freeman-Davis was the strongest performer for Bowie throughout the three games played. He led Bowie with 19 points in their match up against Poly and was relentless in finishing around the rim. The 6-foot guard is at his best in the open floor where he can use his speed to beat defenders down the floor for easy lay ins. He also broke his man down in isolation situations and converted mid-range pull ups off the dribble.


Cheick Toure | 6’1 | Sandy Springs 2019

Toure played consistently throughout the day for Sandy Springs. While he didn’t light up the scoring column, you could pencil him in for around 10-12 points per outing. Where Toure was most effective was when he got the ball at the top of the key with room to operate. He’d utilize a quick through the legs dribble into a crossover to beat his defender to the rim. From there, he did a good job finishing or drawing contact for trips to the free-throw line. Toure was active defensively and vocal in Sandy Springs’ 1-3-1 pressure.


Anthony Carpenter | 5’11 | Gerstell 2019

Carpenter is usually included in these lists due to his ability to put the ball in the basket. And while he did so Saturday, it was his passing that was most impressive. The 5-foot-11 combo guard did a nice job of reacting to the defense’s attention to his scoring ability by attacking seams and finding open teammates around the rim for easy looks. If Carpenter can tap into this part of his game with more regularity, he’ll be a very solid prospect.