Posted On: 08/28/18 12:58 PM

Ange Dibwa Kankologo, Schoolhouse Prep

The 6-foot-10 Class of 2020 prospect has the footwork and powerful finishing ability to be a certifiable double double threat this season. While his offensive game is still a bit raw, he’s improved with his footwork and ability to catch, turn, and score the ball. He’s got the physical attributes and ability to score through contact working in his favor.

If he can continue to develop a skill-set and knock down the 10-15 footer with ease, the transfer via Beckley Prep has the opportunity to be a special piece in the local area this season.

Thaddeus Franklin, Chaminade Madonna

A rugged on-ball defender with that classic basketball-football build, Franklin will be a key supplemental piece to highly-touted 6-foot-7 forward Toumani Camara this season. With his strength and athleticism, he’s very effective at instigating turnovers and also bullying defenders en route to the rim. A high level Division-I football prospect, Franklin’s physical advantages enable him to score through traffic and through contact.

He will need to incorporate a dependable 15-20 foot jumper to mesh in with his hard-driving attack. This will help him dispel the notion that he’s a one-dimensional scorer. Versatile defensively, Franklin can handle the chore of guarding taller players and also contribute with defensive rebounds. An athlete of this magnitude brings a lot at this level. With his coach-ability and knack for assimilating to different positions, Franklin has the chance to author a breakout sophomore campaign.

Lynn Kidd, The Rock School

Kidd has risen in stock as well as any player in the SIAA this off-season. His instinctive style and ability to play sound defense have really bolstered his high-major profile. He’s got the tenacity and length to be a major shot-blocking presence at 6-foot-9. The Class of 2021 forward is also a more versatility threat with his improved 3-point game and feathery mid-range game, an attribute that enables him to buy into the stretch four and stretch five concept seamlessly.

In the trenches, he’s become better at powering up and scoring without having to put the ball on the floor. With his bouncy style, anticipate Kidd to convert lobs into electrifying dunks and easy finishes this season. His offensive role is jacked up immediately as he prepares for a season as the focal point. It certainly helps that he’s got one of the best point guards in Florida in 2019 prospect Bryan Greenlee, he of the college-ready body and manipulative scoring ability, feeding the post.

Parker LaRosa, SLAM

The neophyte plays beyond his years with his handle and ability to manage a game with the ball in his hands. He’s very precise with his reads and is a deliberate guard who knows how to initiate action. His shiftiness and ability to score the ball from outside and on the drive have pumped a good deal of promise into the Class of 2022 prospect as he embarks on his high school career.

As he showed many times this summer, he is fearless in taking it to the rim and going against bigger rim protectors upfront.

Damon Leigh, South Fork

The kid they call “DJ” has a smooth handle and a craftiness about his game. He’s able to get to the rim with and adjust his shot based on the coverage he sees. His athleticism and adeptness at handling the ball and operating offense have been notable facets of his game this summer. With his know-how and advanced skill-set, expect the Class of 2022 guard to offer immediate contributions this season.

Brendon Williams, Wellington

The scurf-sized guard has a skill-set that’s way beyond his years. While he still needs to grow and gain physicality, his outside shooting and how well he creates his shot has drawn some “Curry” shoutouts throughout the gyms he’s lit up this summer. While that may be too much too soon for any player in the country let alone an inexperienced 2022 prospect, Williams’ tightened handle and insatiable thirst for competition have a potentially sizzling future in front of him.

Sean Collins, Miami High

The Class of 2021 prospect is a nifty ball handler who can really push the tempo and facilitate a go-go, sped-up transition attack. He’s got the shiftiness and smooth playmaking ability to be a composed dual threat down the stretch of games. Collins has developed a dependable perimeter shot, though a deep jumper just a foot or two in front of the 3-point line has become a trademark shot for him. Defensively he’s active and really knows how to apply suffocating on-ball pressure. He still needs to get bigger and pack on muscle. Making the 3-point game a livelihood and scoring at a higher clip would also bolster his profile, considerably.

Dominick Denny, North Broward Prep

The 6-foot Class of 2020 combination guard is shifty and gets into the lane in quick fashion. He’s improved as a downhill scorer and is learning how to finish with either hand and really absorb the contact. Denny has always been a fluid shooter. He’s capable of extending his mid-range game way beyond the confines of the arc.

As an operator of offense, Denny has a smooth quality to him with his off-the-dribble scoring acumen. He’s become a better scorer in traffic and knows how to feed the post and dish surgical passes. This year will be a decent gauge of how he can potentially grow as a playmaker and where he will play at the next level. With his unselfishness and ability to find the right play, he’s got the attributes to be a DII or a high DIII college player. In order to do that, he’ll have to develop a college-ready body these ensuing two seasons. His pull-up game and ability to uncork shots off the dribble were impressive facets of his game witnessed this summer.

Maximus Fuentes, North Broward Prep

The 5-foot-8 Class of 2022 guard can really stick it from beyond the arc. While improving as a scorer, he’s developed a knack for straight-away 3-pointers and the ability to deposit timely 3-pointers throughout the stretch of the game.

Fuentes’ shot clearly gives him the most credibility at this level, albeit he’s become more active on both ends of the floor. He’s learned how to rebound the ball effectively for a guard and trigger the break fresh off a defensive rebound.