Region Preview: 6A Region 4

High School

Posted On: 08/24/18 1:46 PM

Region 4 is without a doubt the toughest region in 6A. It is conceivable that the 4th best team in this region could be a top 5-10 team in the state as well. This group will beat each other up and create a lot excitement for us as basketball fans. Do not expect any team in this deep and skilled region to walk away unscathed.

1. Pleasant Grove

Everyone knows Matt Van Komen. Despite the close proximity to BYU, Van Komen recently committed to the University of Utah. Van Komen will be an essential presence for the team due to his ability to control the paint of the offensive and defensive end. He will be a key part of why Pleasant Grove will win most rebounding battles and opposing team’s will have a low efficiency rate in scoring the basketball in the paint.

With that said, Van Komen will need help from others. He has a number of skilled guards on the roster who will aid him as they extend the court and get him touches. Casey Brown is the top prospect out of the returning guards. His ability to let it fly from deep and distribute the ball to teammates will make him a huge piece to the team’s overall success.

Brown will also have Kawika Akina in the backcourt with him. Akina has a high basketball IQ and will get the basketball spread around to all the talent. His ability to put his teammates in good spots makes him extremely important to what the team needs in order to be successful.

2. Lone Peak

Lone Peak has taken its fair share of hits due to graduation and an anticipated incoming prospect choosing a different route. However, this team has more than enough talent to win this region and win yet another state championship. Like all top tier programs, Lone Peak does not rebuild; they reload.

They will do the same here with Jaxon Pollard being a huge part of the team’s plans. Pollard will provide the team with plenty of scoring and firepower. In addition to Pollard, Josh Jackson will most likely be a key contributor to the team’s success.

With the amount of senior talent Lone Peak lost, it will be interesting to see who steps up. There is plenty of talent here and a lot of options, though.

3. American Fork

American Fork has as much talent as any team in the state. The question will be the following: Are they capable to combine all of the pieces into a successful product? There has not been a talent shortage in the program over the past couple of years. However, they have not had the type of success that they are looking for either. For example, region and state titles.

Isaac Johnson will be without a doubt the top prospect on the team and the go to player. With that said, he will have plenty of help from Tanner Cuff and Trey Stewart. This team has the potential to not only win this region, but win the state championship. Like the other teams in Region 4, they will be severely battle tested and ready for the state tournament.