Region Preview: 6A Region 2


Posted On: 08/19/18 10:36 PM

Region 2 has some intriguing teams in the mix with Kearns leading the way. While Kearns is the standard, Cyprus and Hillcrest will look to do whatever they can to attain a Region 2 title. Cyprus is capable of being very scary due to their shooting while Hillcrest has one of the top playmakers in Region 2 with Brox Ashby. With that said, it is hard to justify putting anyone in this region ahead of Kearns at this time.

1. Kearns

Kearns has the most athleticism and length out of any of the teams in this region. This team lost their top two scorer’s from last year. However, they look more versatile and skilled than they were previously.

Emmanuel Andrew blew up this summer due to his length and ability to defend multiple spots. He has the ability to be the best on ball defender in the state due to being able to guard multiple spots on the court. Offensively, he is able to get into the paint whenever he wants and can finish with plenty of power.

In addition to Andrew, Majok Kuath provides good length and athleticism as well. He has worked to extend his shooting abilities and will look to be more of a stretch four who can play the five. Between these two Kearns will be tough to beat.

2. Hillcrest

Hillcrest will have one of the top players in this region returning in Brox Ashby. Ashby can score the basketball from all three levels and is a constant threat from anywhere on the court. In addition to being a good scorer, Ashby knows how to create opportunities for his teammates.

Due to the amount of help that he creates, he is constantly able to put his teammates in good spots. He makes good decisions with the basketball and gets them involved. While he is a more than capable passer, part of Ashby and Hillcrest’s success will be contingent upon teammates who do not have a lot of varsity experience.

Max Russell and Devin Adams will most likely be guys who played roles on the varsity level last year and are looked to play bigger roles going forward.

3. Cyprus

Cyprus took huge steps forward last season. Despite losing four seniors who were vital to the team’s success, the team brings back a solid core who will look to take that success a step further.

First and foremost Tayven Aloi is back. Aloi led the team in points as well as assists. Further, he averaged nearly a three per game while shooing the basketball nearly 50% from three. This team’s ability to shoot the basketball last season was a game changer. They were very tough to guard as they were able to spread the floor.

Aloi will have help from Logan Hendrickson, Jordan Orzoco, and Tate Foote. All three of these prospects shot the basketball over 30% from three and hit plenty. With bigger roles looking imminent for these three, it is safe to say that these guys will get the chance to let it fly even more often.

Due to this team’s style of play, they are capable of beating just about anyone once they get hot. More and more high school, college, and NBA defenses are doing whatever they can to protect against the three point line due to it counting as a basket and a half. This team uses that line to their advantage which makes them tough to beat.