Posted On: 08/28/18 10:23 AM

Technological difficulties prevented us from recording our Monday afternoon interview with Tyrese Hughey. Therefore, there are no quotes in this story.

Tyrese Hughey (2021) premiered as a top five forward and the no. 16 overall sophomore in our 2021 Prospect Rankings this month. The 6’6″ forward provided highlight after highlight as a high-motor athletic post player for the Ohio Hoopsters this grassroots season, leading them to a top five finish among 15U Ohio teams.

Hughey made an impression on us with his quick bounce, pick-and-roll ability, promising physique, and aggression in the paint. However, Hughey says, that he’s more of an all-around player for Licking Heights.

During the winter, the sophomore has freedom to take outside shots and act as a secondary ball-handler in their offense. Even though he mixed it up with Midwest post players in recent months, Hughey has been on the gun and working on his handles to prepare for his high school role, while always spending some energy on polishing his post moves.

Hughey says he doesn’t know how much taller he could get, so there’s reason to believe he’ll be more of a full-time combo forward in college. The defensive aspect of that shift is definitely not a problem. Hughey talked incessantly about defense during our interview, expressing passion for that end of the floor. He says rebounding, rim protection, and defending 3 through 5 are his strengths, along with interior scoring.

Hughey even went as far as saying that he will try to identify a defensive-oriented college program once his recruiting process heats up. Up to this point, he has talked to Kent State at their Elite Camp. Additionally, Davidson sent mail.

Hughey hasn’t remained in contact with either, but we view him as a Division I prospect. He averaged 10 points and seven rebounds last year, per the Newark Advocate. Hughey also carries a 3.2 GPA in the classroom and is a personable young man.

His pick-and-roll ability and physical measurables have shades of Tre Williams, a 2018 Reynoldsburg graduate. Now imagine if Williams was a capable 3-point shooter making plays in the open floor at 15-years-old, which Hughey’s highlight tape above documents. The ceiling on that player, Hughey, is super freaking high. 

Creating space for his jumper, Hughey says, and hitting catch-and-shoot jumpers is the next step in his game. He’s always looking for a new challenge, which could potentially include playing on a circuit team next spring/summer. He praised coach Landon Tillman and the Hoopsters program in our interview, yet there’s something in him that wants to play against the country’s best.