Recruiting Report: Oumar Koureissi (2020)


Posted On: 08/12/18 5:00 AM

Oumar Koureissi, a class of 2020 forward at National Christian Academy (MD), is coming off a strong summer on the AAU trail with 16U Team Durant. His team finished first in their respective division in Orlando to close out their July campaign, and many of them picked up offers on the way. Koureissi broke down his overall game and recruitment during a recent interview with Prep Hoops.

PHFor those who haven’t seen you play, describe your overall game.

OK: “I would say that I’m a guy that tries to do it all for my size, and can score at all 3 levels.”

PHWhat’s the most underrated part of your game?

OK: “My will to win. People see my game as real laid back, but I’m a big sore loser.”

PHWhat’s the best coaching advice you’ve ever received and who was it from?

OK: “Play hard at all times and leave it all on the floor.” – Coach Trevor Brown (National Christian)

PHHow are your grades?

OK: “3.0; Honor Roll Student.”

PHWhat schools have offered you scholarships?

OK: “Stony Brook, Bryant University, UMass, and University of Rhode Island.”

PHWhat schools are trying to get you on campus?

OK: “All the schools that offered me. Also GW, Howard, Tulsa & Richmond.”

PHWhat do schools tell you they like about you?

OK: “My ability to do it all at my size, and the way the game comes natural for me.”

PHWhat are you working on?

OK: “My speed. Getting my ball handling tighter, and fixing the mechanics on my shot.”

PHWhat are your short and long term goals?

OK: “To have a great school season, and also have a good year on the 17u. Long term is to go to a school that best fits me, and to play professionally some day.”

PHHow do you see yourself fitting in at the next level down the road?

OK: “As a 3/4 that does it all, and also plays well consistently.”

Oumar Koureissi is currently ranked by Prep Hoops as as top-25 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Maryland and DC’s 2020 class, click here.