Recruiting Report: Jaylen Jennings (2019)


Posted On: 08/11/18 9:59 PM

One of the more intriguing prospects in the Class of 2019 is 6’7 Jaylen Jennings. The power forward transferred from Avon to Ben Davis over the summer and he is hoping that the move will create some basketball opportunities for himself. Jennings is unique because he has only been playing basketball for a few years which puts him in a unique situation compared to others in the state.

Even though Jennings has only been playing for a few years, there is already a ton of things that he does well. Jennings is starting to be able to handle the ball in the post and make plays with the ball. His back to the back game is improving and he has shown the IQ to be able to make plays in the post either passing or scoring the ball.

Jennings is raw, but schools see the potential in him as there are a couple D1 schools showing interest all the way down to D3 schools. Jennings played well in stretches this summer so a big start to his high school season could start the offers to flow. Army and Western Illinois are two of the D1 schools to have shown interest up to this point in him.

Jennings is still developing as a player but he has faith that he will be able to improve this entire fall and winter gaining the interest of bigger schools. Where he ends up really depends on how well he plays to open the school season. At a school like Ben Davis, where he will be fighting for minutes all season long, it will be interesting to see if he can garner the momentum that he gained over the summer.