Recruiting Report: Jalen Johnson (2019)

High School

Posted On: 08/8/18 11:55 PM

Bella Vista Prep is getting more and more recognition around the state of Arizona. The recently started program has had a lot of success and will feature a number of next level prospects. One of the prospects is Jalen Johnson.

Johnson, a 6’5 SF, plays club basketball for the Alpha Males. He had a strong off-season and has earned himself quite a bit of national and local attention. Johnson’s uncoachable athleticism has made many coaches recognize him and left many scouts in awe of his potential.

Johnson figures to play a big role in the Bella Vista’ teams success in this upcoming season.

Jalen Johnson College Interest

While Johnson has been gaining more and more attention from local and national scouts, he does not have any offers at this point. Further, he noted that he has only received direct interest from Point Loma.

That should change after his solid play during the live periods. He was a featured piece for the Alpha Males and did not disappoint. As mentioned earlier, he has great length and athleticism that aid him in translating to the next level as a high ceiling prospect.

As far as what he is looking for in a school, he noted that he wants a school that has a “good vibe.” He noted that a good environment will be crucial to whatever decision he makes in regards to where he will attend.

Further, he noted that he brings the program a prospect who is confident in his game. He also believes he is a well rounded prospect who can do more than shoot the basketball. Thus, if he is missing shots, he can still make a huge impact. Lastly, he classified himself as an unselfish prospect who likes to make his teammates better. 

Johnson is a coachable prospect who wants the opportunity to play at the next level. He brings the program a lot of positives and should be ready to compete from day one.

Jalen Johnson Projection

At this point, Johnson is a high ceiling prospect who has demonstrated that he has improved greatly. He is a more consistent shooter and playmaker. He is able to get to spots on the court, but adding muscle mass will aid him in being able to be more effective in his playmaking abilities.

Defensively, he is intriguing because he can guard multiple spots. His length and overall athleticism make him an ideal 2/3. He has the potential to improve his projection due to his upside.