Posted On: 08/10/18 3:00 PM

Romeoville 2020 shooting guard Destin Whitaker is a wing that has size, athleticism, and versatility.  Can shoot it off the catch and is a multi-positional defender.  Solid spring and summer with Meanstreets 16U.  Look for him to be the man at Romeoville next season.

How did his summer go with Meanstreets?

“I am doing ok.  I could do way better.  I have to play with confidence.”

He discussed the areas he has seen the most growth in his game.

“My motor is getting way better.  I am able to runs the floor way more.  My shooting is getting more consistent.  I am working on my ball handling.  Trying to get to that next level.”

Getting back together with his high school team was a bit different as Romeoville lost a lot of guys from last year’s squad.

“It was really different as we lost a lot of players.  Like 7 or 8 guys.  It took a big toll on the team, but we are rebuilding.  We are doing good with what we got.”

What is going on with recruiting?

“I talk to Western Illinois.  Tulsa has been hitting me up a lot.  Illinois State.  DePaul and UIC I have offers from there.”

UIC jumped in the mix early.

“I like it a lot.  It is close to home.  Nice environment.  Get to stay in my hometown and I like the coaches.”

DePaul also has extended an offer.

“Same way.  Coach Tim (Anderson) is my boy.  We go way back.  It is a nice environment.”

Any schools that he wants to visit in the fall?

“I most definitely want to visit Tulsa, Illinois State, and Western Illinois.”