Posted On: 08/8/18 8:38 AM

Justin Byerly: What does it mean to you to have a great July and start picking up these offers? 

Caleb Burgess: It means a lot that coaches are finally starting to take notice and believe that I can help that programs for years to come. But by having a good July I know that I will have coaches coming to the school to see me so I’m just trying to build on my summer

Justin Byerly: What are your goals over the next few months? 

Caleb Burgess: Well by me transferring to Moravian Prep which a great program I’m just trying to really improve my jump shot and get bigger, faster, and stronger before the season start

Justin Byerly: Do you have a few schools that are sticking out the most? 

Caleb Burgess: Right now I only have 4 offers but have a lot of interest for right now I like Drexel, and A&T I have really good relationships with the coaches there as far as interest goes I really like Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan, and USC Upstate they say in contact a lot with me

Justin Byerly: What are some things you need to improve on at the next level? 

Caleb Burgess: My body as of right now is the most important thing for me this school year getting bigger, faster, and Stronger. I feel like once I do that my game will go to a different level 

Justin Byerly: Your sister was a big influence in your life, what do you think it means to her to see you succeed the way you are? 

Caleb Burgess: My sister is my biggest influence for me. When I don’t wanna workout because I’m tired of sore I think about her and how she wouldn’t let me sit around how she would make me go to the gym. I know she proud of me and ima keep going for her