Posted On: 08/13/18 12:06 AM

Horizon had a solid season last year as they went 17-9. While they lost some key prospects from last year’s successful season, they still have a couple returning who provide intrigue as far as what their potential is in the 5A world.

One of those prospects is Aidyn Albright. Albright, a 2019 6’2 PG who plays with Jamal Murray Elite/AZ Monsoon for club ball, averaged nearly 18 points and 8 assists per game last season as well as 6 rebounds. 

With the departure of other key prospects, Albright will be looked to as a means of carrying even more responsibility for Horizon. He will need help from others. However, he will be the primary playmaker for the group and will be relied upon as such.

Aidyn Albright College Interest

Despite his nearly video game type numbers, Albright does not have any college offers at this time. In regards to interest, he noted that he has heard from Point Loma, Lake Forest, Lewis and Clark, NAU, Academy of Arts, and Arizona Christian University.

He is looking for a school that offers a good environment. His definition of a good environment included a “good education and being comfortable with the people and campus.”

Albright claimed that he is currently at a 3.0 GPA and is retaking his SAT as well as looking to take the ACT. Further, he is looking to major in Business or Finance.

While it is hard to determine how his numbers will translate to the college level due to the style of play of Horizon, he does believe that he brings value to a college program. He stated that a college will get “a hard worker” who is “always willing to learn more and listen to coaches.”

Further, Albright has demonstrated on the local and national levels that he is capable of making an impact. He is one of the top shooters in the state and an under-rated passer.

Aidyn Albright Projection

Albright is a skilled prospect who can impact a game in a number of ways. While his numbers are fantastic, there are few teams at the collegiate level who choose to play the same style of play that he plays at Horizon.

One skill set of his that definitely translates to the next level is his ability to shoot it from three. He is a knockdown shooter who will most likely be a floor general rather than a high level playmaker at the collegiate level.

Defensive and strength are huge question marks for Albright at the next level. His ability to improve in those two categories will be pivotal to him having success after high school.

At this point, he is a mid-NCAA Division II or NAIA Division I. He could have a lot of success at a lower level as well.