Prospect Spotlight: Max Curry (2020)


Posted On: 08/17/18 8:28 AM

With two seasons left in high school career, Bountiful big-man Max Curry is a guy that could establish himself as a top defensive threat in Utah before it’s all said and done.

The 6-foot-7 center has already proven to be an elite shot-blocker, and hopes that his defensive success from this past grassroots season can translate to his junior high school season.

“I’d say my strongest point is my defense, I averaged 4.1 blocks per game (this grassroots season). Also, I have a pretty strong inside game,” said Curry.

“I have really good anticipation and I also have a pretty long wing-span, so that’s mainly why I’m able to block so many shots.”

Curry spent his offseason playing with Premier 16U. No surprise, it was was defense that was his and the team’s strength.

“We did fairly well,” said Curry. “I think the team defense was really good, we shot down the middle with all the blocks , so they would be forced to shoot outside shots and our guards were pretty good defenders.”

Last high school season, Curry was playing with the sophomore and JV squads, this season he’ll make the move to varsity at Bountiful.

“We played a tournament at the University of Utah, and I started for our varsity 2 team. And I played pretty well, I averaged about five points per game,” said Curry.

“I’m hoping to really get the feel for the varsity game this season because I know it’ll be a lot faster paced than JV and varsity.”

There’s still plenty of time for his recruitment to come together, but the shot-erasing big-man is still being proactive early. He’s got an account set up on NCSA, and hopes to see his recruitment start up soon.

“No contact yet,” said Curry. “But I’m starting to email lots of the coaches and trying to get responses.”