Prospect Spotlight: Jacob Weber (2019)


Posted On: 08/7/18 8:17 PM

After putting together a strong summer for River City Hoops, 2019 Jacob Weber is gearing up for a big season at Winfield High School.

At 6’3, Weber can play a variety of positions and takes pride is toughness, willingness to do the little things and floor leadership. He can forward, score in the paint, or step out and play the point where he is a capable ball handler, passer and shooter.

“I like to think of myself as a dog, doing all the hard things most people do not like to do,” he says. “For example playing defense not just on your man but helping up for your teammates, boxing out and getting rebounds, and finishing through the defense. 

“I believe I am also a very good vocal leader for example calling out ball, help, screen, ect., yelling out the play we are running even if I am not the point guard, and reminding my teammates of their jobs for example, boxing out, calling out their defensive position and what they have to do on an offensive play.”

Weber says playing for River City Hoops has helped prepare him mentally and physically for the upcoming season.

“I have had terrible games and then I have games when I dropped 30, that is the beauty of summer ball you have 4-5 games in a weekend so it is easy to come back from a bad game,” he said. “I feel playing summer ball has prepared me tremendously for this upcoming season. I have learned so many new aspects of the game, and once you are a student of the game that is when you will see your game flourish.”

Although he is not yet a natural guard, Weber says he has worked hard on his ball handling as he looks to expand his game, working in the gym with dribbling goggles and improving with both hands.

“I’ve (also) been working on my shot vigorously, I am on the gun until my arm goes numb then I am still shooting 20 more free throws,” he says.

Weber says the biggest influence on his basketball career to date has been his parents.

“They have always told me that if I want something I have to work for it and that has helped me tremendously in my career,” Weber says. “I wouldn’t be the same player I am if I was raised differently.”

A fan of the Golden State Warriors Draymond Green, Weber says he appreciates the passion and emotion the forward brings to the floor.

“Don’t get me wrong I am far from a Warriors fan — I just love this man’s passion for the game and all the emotion he plays with,” Weber said. “Another thing he does that I love is that he doesn’t care for the stats he is only there to do one thing and that is to win. I feel like I am the same way I play with high emotions and I do not care if I score 50 or 5 as long as we get the win I am happy.”

Webser says he has been to a few showcases and camps, but has not yet drawn much attention from college programs. However, he hopes to change that over the course of the season.

“I really try to put myself out there as much as I can because I am not picky on were I am wanting to play,” Weber said. “Right now I will go anywhere that will take me because I just want to pursue my dream by playing basketball at the next level.”