Posted On: 08/31/18 10:40 AM

One of the top upcoming Oklahoma prospects in Oklahoma in the 2021 Class is Bijan Cortes. On Thursday night, Cortes visited Oklahoma State on an unofficial visit. What has made Cortes stand out with some of the top prospects in a solid 2021 Oklahoma Class are his playmaking skills at the Point. Many will tell you to be an elite Point Guard you must make others around you better. Cortes is still learning the game, but certainly has a knack for raising other players games around him. 

The crisp on-point passes Cortes makes are possible because of his great court vision. Each game Cortes plays he seems to improve at anticipating the play before it takes place. Scoring is another area Cortes is excelling in learning when to be aggressive and attack the basket. When Cortes goes into attack mode it opens the floor for his teammates and for him to get his jumper off. He makes teams pay when given space from three-point land. 

Defensively, Cortes has room to grow. One thing that will help his game on defense is the effort he brings each possession. After having a great freshman season at Kingfisher helping his team to the finals, Cortes capped off this year with a big summer. The national talent he was able to play with Team Griffin has prepared him for a major sophomore jump. 

Cortes was thrilled to go to Oklahoma State on Thursday night for the Pokes season opener against Missouri State. 

“The experience was amazing they showed me many things and made me feel great when I was around,” said Cortes.

The personality of Oklahoma State head coach Mike Boynton has caught the attention of Cortes. He feels he has a good direction for where the program at Oklahoma State is headed and is on board.

“I feel like our relationship is pretty cool, said Cortes. “I like him a lot.  He is a good coach and I think I have a good feel for what he is doing.”

Although Cortes will not have to make a college decision for another couple of years he does have in mind what he is looking for at the next level. 

“Mostly what I’m looking for is a place to make me feel like home and comfortable,” said Cortes.

As for what Cortes is to do this winter it is simple, improve and win it all in Class 4A. 

“My goal this year is to improve as a shooter and bring a state championship to Kingfisher,” said Cortes.