Prospect Spotlight: Armani Strong (2019)


Posted On: 08/26/18 2:28 PM

A 5-foot-10 combo guard from Legacy, Armani Strong is just months removed from his senior season, where he’s hoping to put himself on the map.

A slasher and playmaker, Strong is a guy that has no trouble getting into the lane, and with his jumper continuing to improve, he’s becoming more of an offensive threat.

“I can get to the basket going left or right, that’s really my strength, that’s how I play I get to the basket,” said Strong. “I’m working on my shooting, my 3-point shooting.”

This offseason, Strong was not only working on improving that jumper, but mentally he was improving too. He says he made great strides with hoops IQ.

“This spring and summer, I feel like I got better. I thought I played smart,” said Strong. “Last year, I wouldn’t play smart, like I wouldn’t know certain situations, like time management and stuff like that. This year, I worked on knowing the clock, time-management, knowing when to score and when not to score.”

With his junior season at Legacy just three months away, Strong is gearing up for what he hopes is a breakout season with the Longhorns.

“We had a bunch of seniors last season, so I didn’t get to play a lot, but when I played, I thought I made a positive impact,” said Strong.

“For my senior year, my goal is to be more consistent with my scoring. I can score, but sometimes there will be games where I go for seven points, and then the next game I’ll go for 20.”

He added: “So I think if I can be more consistent with my offense and I’m going to talk more on defense, then I’ll be solid.”

As for his recruitment, he’s still got some time for all of it to materialize, but he’s got one school that’s showing some significant interest.

“I feel like my recruitment is going slow, I’ve only talked to a couple coaches. I talked to Point Loma and they invited me to come out to a camp this summer,” said Strong.

“My goals are to just get anything I can for recruitment. I feel like I can go at least D2, but if I get something lower, I’ll take it.”