Prospect Spotlight: Angelo Brizzi (2021)


Posted On: 08/21/18 12:19 PM

It’s still early in the class, but one trend we’re seeing with the 2021 class is that there are talented players all over Virginia, not just in the traditional hotbeds of the state. One of the guys who really showed out as a freshman was 6’2” Angelo Brizzi, who averaged around 18 points, five rebounds and four assists per game while starting at Fauquier High School in Warrenton, VA.

Brizzi continued his stellar play this summer with Team BBC, where he played both on and off the basketball. He was named the “Best Prospect” at the Dr1ven NEXT Camp as well. A lights out shooter from deep, he has extreme confidence in his ability to light it up from anywhere in the gym when he’s set.

“If I can get my feet set and my balance right it makes things a lot easier,” he said. “If I can get my feet set where I want it to and it feels right I’m always going to let it go.”

Not only is he talented for his age, Brizzi is a workhorse as well. He travels about an hour south regularly to work with renowned trainer Damin Altizer out of Charlottesville, and what he learns there he takes home to work on. Throughout the interview, all he wanted to talk about was getting better and continuing to improve in all aspects of the game.

“I just want to get in the gym every day, that’s the big thing,” Brizzi said. “Work on my weaknesses but you also have to keep making sure your strengths are improving too, so just working on everything all-around.”

“Defense is obviously probably the biggest thing I need to work on,” he continued. “My ball handling as well, but I think I’ve improved a lot there, I was able to hold my own this summer with guys picking me up full court, but mostly defense is the main thing right now.”

Despite not playing in the biggest markets, Brizzi took advantage of playing on the Adidas Gauntlet and is already garnering division one interest from colleges. He took unofficial visits to Marquette, Northwestern, Harvard and Monmouth this summer, and he plans on taking unofficials to Penn and George Washington as well.

As for why college coaches should recruit him, he feels like he brings the right attitude and character to a team as well as his ability to get it done on the court.

“I think I’m a great leader, I love to talk and try to keep my teammates upbeat. Obviously I think I can shoot a little bit and I can run the offense as well.”

Expect to hear more about Brizzi, who will likely be one of the top scorers in the state if he continues to shoot the ball with the confidence he has exhibited.