Prospect Spotlight: Aaron Thaxton-Liggans (2019)

Northern California

Posted On: 08/17/18 7:31 AM

A football and basketball standout at Armijo, Aaron Thaxton-Liggans is eager to get his senior year underway with the Indians.

The burly 5-foot-11 guard is a defensive linchpin for the basketball team, and does all he can to make that his specialty on the hardwood.

“I feel like my strength on the floor is defense, I’m a really good defender. I like getting in people’s faces and getting the passing lanes and things like that,” said Thaxton-Liggans.

“I can shoot the ball, but I’m not really a shooter, I like driving and things like that. But defense is really my main thing.”

This past spring and summer, he played with Rampage 17U, and says, no surprise here, his role was to be one of the team’s best defenders.

“Rampage was pretty great, my role was pretty much to score and play defense,  said Thaxton-Liggans. “Mainly this offseason, I’ve been doing a lot of weight-lifting this because I play football too.”

His senior football season is underway now, he’ll go straight from football into hoops, and says his role will be to, again no shocker, be an elite defender.

“I think this senior year will be good, we’re pretty much all seniors,” said Thaxton-Liggans. “And I think my role will be to be the defensive guy again and get up in people’s faces and things like that.”

He’ll be the running back and middle linebacker for the Indians’ football team this fall. And he hopes to see some more recruitment come in as his senior year unfolds, in football or basketball.

“For right now I haven’t really talked to any basketball coaches, but for football I’m getting recruited by Nevada and a couple D2 schools,” said Thaxton-Liggans.

“But, really, any school or any sport I’d be OK with. I’m just hoping to get a free education.”