Player Prospect: Jonathon Stephenson

High School
Northern California

Posted On: 08/31/18 8:07 AM

Pasadena High School has been one of the top and most consistent programs on the west-coast over the past few years. They have been able to produce many successful winning seasons as well have many college players come through the program. For Junior forward Jonathon Stephenson, he is trying to keep that tradition going. Stephenson played junior varsity last season before finally getting pulled up to varsity during the postseason. We caught up with him to discuss his basketball upbringing and his ideology on the game.
Q. How long have you been playing basketball?
A. I have been playing basketball since I was about 4 years old. I eat sleep and breathe basketball and it’s a huge part of my life.
Q. What basketball player did you look up to growing up and why?
A. I looked up to Kevin Garnett because he was one of the first big guys who had guard skills. I also admired his toughness and work ethic.
Q. What is your goal with basketball for the upcoming year?
A. My goal this year is to expand my scoring and my confidence on offense. I’m really aggressive defensively and in terms of getting rebounds.
Q. How has AAU helped your overall growth as a player?
A. AAU has helped me a little bit by giving me a little taste of the speed that I have to play at for the next level
Q. Do you feel that AAU is good for basketball and why or why not?
A. I think AAU is good for certain players I wouldn’t say it’s the best for developing players. I think this because it’s very fast n every player doesn’t always get the right playing time