Posted On: 08/31/18 8:09 AM

The class of 2021 is loaded with talent throughout Northern California. There were players within the class that were impact players at their schools as freshmen and they will continue to develop as they go into their sophomore year. For American Canyon’s Gabe Patrick, the same is expected. Patrick is one of the top players out of the class of 2021 and he will look to take on most of the scoring load for the Wolves. We were able to catch up with Patrick to discuss his basketball background and his ideology on the game itself.
Q. How long have you been playing basketball?
A. I been playing basketball since I was 4 years old basketball has always been my first love ever since I was young 
Q. What basketball player did you look up to growing up and why?
A. Growing up I have always been a Lebron fan and looked up to Lebron because Of how he carried himself on and off the court and his hard work that he put into this Game 
Q. What is your goal with basketball for the upcoming year?
A. My goal with basketball this upcoming year is to gain some interest and some scholarships and to be nationally ranked and to to win a league title for my high school as well.
Q. How has AAU helped your overall growth as a player?
A. AAU has helped my overall growth as a player a lot because it gives me the exposure and the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and to play against the best of the best and see where you could rank yourself against those top players in the country
Q. Do you feel that AAU is good for basketball and why or why not?
A. I feel like AAU is great for basketball because it gives kids lots of exposure to play in front of college coaches and make a name for themselves, AAU gives kids a opportunity to go to college for free which is the greatest thing to