Posted On: 08/31/18 5:08 PM

The last two weekends have been full of prep action from exposure camps in north and south Louisiana.  Studs at the guard and wing positions have graced the courts and shown their various skills at the Prep Hoops Top 250 and the Off the Bench exposure camps.  Right here on Prep Hoops Louisiana, I will review some of the guards and wings who made noise during each event.  

Rodney Munson / 6’1″ / 2019 / Bonnabel High (picture above)

Munson is like a one man fast break when he gets the ball.  He only knows one speed and one philosophy and that is to act the man in front of him.  When Rodney gets past his initial defender and elevates, he has the knack to finish at the rim despite meeting opposition.  Time and time again at the Top 250 Expo, Munson did this.  Even if he was stopped at the rim, he still had the wherewithal to pull it out and hit the jumper.  Munson is a A-plus offensive player who should be feared in the open court. 

Kentrell Garnett, Jr. / 6’1″ / 2020 / Catholic High  (pictured above)

Kentrell is a combo guard in a point guard’s body.  When he had the ball during the Top 250 Expo, no one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do.  If he wanted to drive, he would do so.  On the next trip, Kentrell would come down and shoot the three.  His quickness is the key.  Whether it is with the dribble or with his release on his jumper, his moves are made in a quick fashion.  Garnett is a hard cover for anyone and proved this during the Prep Hoops Top 250.

Hobert Grayson IV / 6’5″ / 2020 / East Ascension High 

One of the studs who attended the inaugural Off the Bench exposure camp was Hobert Grayson.  During the camp, as he has all summer, Grayson displayed that his game travels to any gym.  During drills and game play, he punished defenders on this day with his height and strength.  With his jumper being more off than on, he showed that his rebounding can be just as effective.  He used his 6’5″ maturing frame to get off little jumpers and make space for layups at the rim.  Grayson is definitely not a one-trick pony.  Because his game is so versatile, he can score in ways that allow him to be effective anywhere on the floor.  

Tyron McCoy / 6’0″ / 2019 / Bossier High 

McCoy was the only Bossier player in the gym for the OTBS exposure camp.  However, he produced the same intensity that he brings when he plays for the Bearkats.  Tyron brought his best asset to the gym and that was his defense.  He made it hard for players to score time and time again by tipping the ball away, deflecting passes, and blocking shots.  His leaping ability also helped him show off his improved offensive game.  McCoy hit several jumpers from outside with enough lift to clear the tallest defender.  At the rim, he was able to finish or get fouled because of his athleticism.  Even though defense is his calling card, McCoy has evolved into a solid two-way player.  

Christian Caldwell / 6’6″ / 2020 / Southwood High 

One of the most athletic studs in the state is Christian Caldwell and he had his above the rim game on display at the OTBS exposure camp.  From one-on-one to three-on-three drills, Chrisitan found a way to elevate against the defense and rock the rim.  While his elevation catches the eyes of most fans, Caldwell displayed improved footwork off the dribble.  He now has a more explosive first step which allows him to get to the rim more quickly.  Coupled with his long strides, it appeared effortless for him to get to the rim.  If he continues to sharpen the tools he showed at the OTBS camp, Christian Caldwell will be a name heard in circles as one of the state’s best.  

Bobby Baker / 5’7″ / 2019 / Southwood High

Baker is one of the better man-to-man defensive studs in north Louisiana and he displayed this at the Off the Bench exposure camp.  His small frame allowed him to get lower than the ball handler trying to take him off the dribble.  This caused turnover after turnover.  Then, when they tried to take him in the post, his low center of gravity allowed him to root offensive players out.  He has obviously been working in the weight room because he appeared to be stronger than some of the players posting him up.  Offensively, he repeatedly took defenders off the dribble.  He drew fouls almost at will creating contact going up for layups.  Baker’s ability to live in the lane offensively while making guards work defensively is what he is known most for.  With the exposure camp experience, hopefully he will continue to improve on those aspects.  

Corey Smooth / 6’0″ / 2020 / Archbishop Rummel

Smooth is one of the best ball handlers I have seen through these two weekends of exposure camps.  He keeps the ball on a string and keeps defenders off balance.  During the Prep Hoops Top 250, Smooth was able to break every defender down.  It did not matter if they were taller, shorter, or just as quick as he.  Smooth gave it to them.  On top of that when he got into the paint, he made the right play 9 times out of 10.  Whether it was a wrap around pass, bounce pass, or skip pass, he found someone to score.  He also scored on his own very effectively.  The dribble makes Corey so dangerous.  Colleges have begun to notice with some of the offers he has received of late.  The Top 250 was the perfect showcase for this point guard, ball handling extraordinaire.  If he keeps up the same pace, the sky is the limit.  

Roderick Stinson / 6’3″ / 2019 / Southwood High

Rounding out the stud list is a young man who appeared on the radar after his performance against East Ascension in the playoffs.  Since his 20-plus point outburst in that game, Rod has gained confidence in his game.  When he stepped on the floor at the OTBS exposure camp, he clearly though knew he belonged.  Stinson’s main weapon is his jumper and he knocked it down over and over on the day.  Rod also displayed a quick burst than I had seen before and livelier elevation which allowed him to rise up for several dunks on the day.  With his outside touch and increased agility, Stinson will be a hard player to stop offensively.  Wing players will have trouble with him when the season rolls around.  

The Off the Bench and Prep Hoops Top 250 exposure camps allowed prep studs to show their improved play in drills and game play.  These young players in the article brought their “A” game to the floor and it showed during the events.  When the season begins, look for these players to keep this momentum going.