Posted On: 08/13/18 7:30 PM

New Bern Christian 2019 Guard Jason Williams: He’s not the biggest guard but he uses his quickness to be productive on the floor, last season at New Bern Christian he averaged over 23 PPG. We got the chance to see him not only score the ball but also get after it on the defensive end of the floor.

Mount Zion Christian Academy 2019 F/C Nishan Rombley: He has the size for a big at 6’8 but is still fully finding his way on the court and figuring out the aspects of the game that he will make his mark. Rebounding was one area that we liked what we saw from him, he gives the effort and uses his body to box out.

Southeast Raleigh 2019 Forward Grayson Watson: He still has some work on his game to do but he has one thing that can’t be taught and that is size. At 6’7, he was one of the taller players that was in attendance, he blocked some shots and was solid rebounding the ball. With the proper amount of time and work, he could develop into a solid player.

Northern Nash 2019 Guard Sam Page: Another smaller guard that showed that he can be a nice impact player when the opportunity presents itself. His IQ that he displayed for the game was solid and he didn’t take plays off throughout the day, solid showing overall.

Lower Richlands 2019 Wing Jordan Rivers: He displayed some nice athletic ability to go along with his size at 6’6 and solid lateral quickness. This is what allowed him to be one of the more versatile players in the building, continued work on guard skills will make him a more intriguing player for college programs.

Richmond Hill HS 2019 Kevin McLeod: The 6’4 forward will be a player that can play his way into the eyes of college coaches if he puts in the time and work. We like his size already and the potential that he has as well the desire to do whatever is asked of him to help his team win, you could see him sacrificing his own offense for the better of the squad and to get others involved.