Point Guard Names to Know


Posted On: 08/10/18 9:42 AM

We wanted to run back through the notebook to find the names who didn’t make a weekend recap, yet showed enough ability to receive recognition. In this Names to Know weekend series, we’re simply listing off players worthy of tracking in the coming months and years. In other words, this is your unranked guys who haven’t been mentioned in a Prep Hoops Ohio article until now. Sleepers!

We have most of these prospects evaluated as small college gems who could thrive if they find the right system or might fill a need for anyone.

We’re starting with point gaurds, but check back in for the other installments:

  • Combo Guards / Specialist Guards

  • Wings and Combo Forwards

  • Posts


Cameron Coomer (2020), 6’2”, Wilmington / Club Ohio

Coomer’s effectiveness as a playmaker comes from his quickness with the ball. He likes to push pace and dash past defenders with crossovers in the halfcourt too. Serviceable jumper with a wiry build. Likely will need to add weight to turn eyes next year on the 17U circuit. His style of play slightly reminds us of Dillon McCullough, an incoming freshman point guard at Goshen and 2018 graduate of Tri County North.

Josiah Mobley (2021), 6’1”, Reynoldsburg / Extreme Heat

Mobley is a young prospect with a nice starting point. He can handle and shoot with range, but he hasn’t fully grown into his body, so it’s hard to really project. Makes the right decisions with the ball.

Damian Davis (2020), 5’9”, Bexley / Ohio Hoopsters – Jones

Davis understands time and score. He handles the ball with poise and keeps a low dribble to take advantage of his height. Pretty quick and can get into the lane, but he’ll need to find more creative ways to finish in there to be effective. Shot-blockers deter him from scoring.

Michael Kreill (2019), 6’1” Butler / Dayton Metro

Confident point guard with good ball security and a pass-first mindset. Kreill has decent quickness and height as a point guard. Scores on short-range jumpers but mostly just facilitates offense. Doesn’t force the action. Moves well on defense.

Deval Harrell (2019), 5’11”, East Tech / TNBA East Black

Of the 2019 prospects listed here, Harrell is the most talented. He is a vocal leader with a big presence on the floor. Very good with a ball screen but doesn’t necessarily need one to get separation for his jumper. Shoots it off the bounce at a high rate. Scoring point guard that can shoot with range.

Caleb Wallis (2020), 5’4”, Mid Ohio Pumas White (Beard) / Jackson

Wallis recently announced that he has received an early offer from Rio Grande. The undersized point guard is super fundamentally sound and has the ability to make shots when he’s open. More of a pass-first guy who doesn’t breakdown defenses with regularity. Irritating defensive player who understands rotations, draws charges, and knows how to apply pressure on the ball.

Taylon Cofer (2019), 6’0”, Whitehall / Ohio Hoopsters – LBC

At the next level, Cofer is a utility guard that comes in to provide energy and toughness. He plays with passion on both ends and challenges opponents. Cofer really struggles to shoot the ball, but he can find his way into the lane and draw fouls in traffic. Seems like the type of kid who is going to work his butt off and will bring contagious energy to the court every day, even if it’s practice squad.

Julian Binford (2020), 5’6”, Eastmoor Academy / Hidden Gems Black

A couple of inches would really help Binford reach the next level because he has most of the ball skills you’re looking for. He makes open shots, has elite speed in the open floor, handles pressure, shares the ball, and slides his feet. We’re a year away from knowing if he’ll get any taller, but Binford is interesting.

Lawson Nash (2020), 5’10”, St. Edward / SMAC Primetime

Nash looks to be more of a football kid, but he has a high GPA and really impressed at the All In HoopFest. He has a good frame, which bothers small guards on the drive. Once he draws help-side, Nash has poise as a playmaker for open shooters. Just a solid ball player.

Jackie Santa Emma (2020), 5’8”, Alder / Mid Ohio Pumas Black (Staib)

Santa Emma is a heady point guard with enough ball skills, patience, and shot-making ability to put pressure on the defense. He runs an offense with confidence and got better as a scorer throughout the season. Size may limit Santa Emma, but we like his smarts.

Azzan Daniels (2021), 5’10”, Bishop Ready / Hidden Gems Black

Daniels has a lot to offer as an athlete. Although raw, Daniels was a defensive stud in Hidden Gems’ fullcourt trap with his aggressiveness and sheer speed. Daniels also attacks the basket with quickness and was simply a superior athlete in most matchups. We’ll track his development in ball skills going forward.