Live Period Round-Up: Top 3 15U Teams


Posted On: 08/4/18 12:10 AM

In our last team round-up, we shift our attention to 15U. Below are the top 3 15U teams from Utah this spring and summer. Continue to watch these young prospects as many of them have the potential to play this game at the next level and have a lot of success.

Exum Elite

What would a list of Utah’s top teams be without Exum Elite? While this team had its share of ups and downs, they still competed at a high level. Further, their team is filled with next level prospects.

Dallin Grant and Duncan Reid are without a doubt two of the top prospects on this team. Further, they have demonstrated on the grassroot circuit as well as in the high school world that they can dominate.

In addition to these two, Jaxon Kohler is one of the most intriguing underclassmen prospects in the west coast. He has the potential to be a highly sought after prospect for a number of mid to high major teams. Lawson Lovering is also an intriguing prospect. He is a legitimate 6’10 with soft touch around the rim and good footwork. He still has work to do, but he does a lot of things well despite his youth.

This group is just barely scratching the surface. They have a lot skill and will continue to improve.

Utah Mountain Stars

This Utah Mountain Stars team is extremely well built. The two big men, Fousseyni Traore and Boy Boy Whaley, are game changers. They both possess good size and strength. Traore is a monster on the block who protects the rim well. He has good footwork and patience as well as a soft touch around the rim. Whaley, on the other hand, is a 4 who is a mismatch nightmare. He is able to put the basketball on the floor and attack the rim. His size mixed with speed and quickness make him tough to stay in front of. Further, he is a skilled passer who does a great job of finding his teammates when help side comes.

Further, this team has guards who are disciplined and get the basketball to the post. In addition, they are capable shooters which enables Traore and Whaley to play one on one with little help being able to be offered.

Utah Basketball Club

Kobe Schriver’s sharp shooting stood out for this team on multiple occasions. He shot the basketball at a high level throughout the live periods and aided Utah Basketball Club in having a successful season.

In addition to Schriver, Ajal Juang was frequently a nice secondary scoring option who did not need the basketball in his hands a great deal in order to make an impact. He competes and does a lot of the little things needed to win. Thus, he scores the basketball well on the glass and by moving without the basketball.