Posted On: 08/5/18 12:05 AM

Tim McCrory is in his first year as the head coach of Lewis & Clark and on Saturday, he held Pioneers Prospect Camp which hosted a number of players from different areas of the country – including several standouts from Oregon.

After spending a good amount of time working on drills, a couple of 20-minute games were played. Here are some notes from some of the in-state players that participated (listed in alphabetical order).

Nolan Griffin (2021 Beaverton HS) – Solid build at 6-foot-1. Didn’t get a lot of touches but showed off a soft mid-range shooting touch when he did. Otherwise played good team basketball and hustled fairly well on defense.

Zack Kitzhaber (2020 Thurston HS) – Solid build, apparently a track standout. Didn’t touch the ball much on offense but ran the floor well and was able to catch outlet passes and finish at the basket.

Rizdin Miller (2019 Canby HS) – Long and lanky guard who at 6-foot-2, spent most of the time on offense on the perimeter. Has a nice looking shot and hit a couple of threes.

Logan Pruitt (2019 Pleasant Hill HS) – Played post for Team Jones Hedgecock in the summer at 6-foot-5 but floated a bit more out to the perimeter here. Majority of offense comes from inside the paint but isn’t afraid to get physical. Showed the ability to take the ball up the floor and get it to the guards to run the offense.

Jett Sheng (2020 Catlin Gabel HS) – Heady point guard who does a good job taking care of the ball and running the offense. Can hit the open shot when it is given to him. Didn’t attack the basket as much as as we have seen him do in the past. Held his own defensively.

Samuel Watts (2019 Tualatin HS) – Stocky but tough point guard at 5-foot-9 with decent quickness. Lefty shot, but was able to use right hand effectively enough. Pushed the ball up the floor well. Didn’t make many outside jumpers but wasn’t afraid to take them when open.

While we were focused on Oregon players, there were a couple of standouts from out-of-state that made a definite impression.  Christian Pitcher (2019 Berea Christian HS), a 6-foot-6 forward from Walnut Creek, California, already stood out due to the fact he wears goggles.  But he also impressed with his athleticism – throwing down a couple of power dunks – and a solid shooting stroke from the outside.  Zeph Cordova (2019 Campo Verde HS), a 5-foot-11 point guard from Chandler, Arizona, played strong and with confidence, whether it was knocking down threes or taking it strong to the hoop.  He showed outstanding speed on both ends and passed as well as he shot the ball.  Matt Bryant (2019 La Center HS), a 6-foot-4 guard from Washington, isn’t shy about letting it fly from deep but he not only shot a decent percentage from three, but also hustled and scored underneath.